Year 2, Week 32 Weigh-In

After some seemingly stagnant consolidation months in May and June, we’re seeing another downward trend with some new low weigh-ins over these past two months.

2015 Wallpaper 02 - 2015

In May & June my running mileage was at 76 and 72 miles respectively.  The changes I’ve made for July and August are twofold.  For one thing I bumped my mileage up over 100 in July and am shooting for 10 miles more in August than I had in July (117 vs 107).  Also, on July 1st, I started a Running Streak and have maintained running at least 1 mile per day (or more) every day.  I’m currently on Run Streak Day (RSD) #44.

The lowest documented weight I’m aware of is being 222 lbs back around 2001 when I was in some bench press contest.  If I finish out August with an average weight in the 230’s that will be my lowest average weight in nearly 15 years so, that’s very positive in terms of health and overall condition.

My initial goal at the beginning of this year was to weigh in the low 240’s.  I wanted that goal because I don’t look like I’m 9 months pregnant at that weight and I have a lot more clothes to choose from.  Having achieved that objective and dipping down into the 230’s I can notice more of a visual change in my appearance.   For me, it seems like the scale can move much more rapidly than the tape measure around my waist.  I once read that you have to lose about 5 lbs for every inch reduction in the waistline.  I don’t really know about the accuracy of that assertion but the overall concept is sound.

For now, there are three running goals in my head which should help keep my weight in check and perhaps continue to reduce my weight.  For one thing, I would like to keep my running streak going.  If I did the math correctly, 1% of a day, in terms of time comes out to 14 minutes and 24 seconds and that’s enough time for me to run a single mile and keep my streak in tact.  On July 1st, when I started the streak I was thinking I could give myself a nice birthday present next July 7th by having a full 365 day/ 1 year running streak under my belt.  This would also qualify me as a neophyte and get me listed as an active streaker with the United States Run Streak Association (USRSA).

A second goal is to continue a streak of running at least 100 miles per month.  After my first 100 mile month last year in August, I followed that up with 16 miles in September.  100 Miles per month is do-able and I would feel pretty good about closing this year out with 6 full 100 mile months of running. 🙂

The third goal is a bit more ambitious.  I use to track my runs and provide me with valuable statistical data about my runs.  They have a badge which can only be earned by running 10 miles per month more than the month before for 6 months in a row.  That means I have to hit 117 miles for this month, 127 in Sept and 137, 147, 157 miles for Oct, Nov & Dec.  That’s a lot of miles and my brain isn’t quite sure what to make of it all but I think it’s a worthy goal and perhaps one I should not shy away from.


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