2015 Week 29 Weigh-In, New 2 Year Low

For the very first time since I started tracking my weekly weight on Jan 13th, 2014 with an initial weigh-in of 316.2 lbs we have our first weekly weigh-in under 240 pounds with an official weight of 239.4.  My current average weight for July is now at a very respectable 242 pounds and that’s worth discussing a bit more.

2015 Wallpaper 02 - 2015

Since there are 5 weigh-ins during the month of July, each 1 lbs variance on the scale for my final weigh in of the month will influence the average by 0.20 lbs (1/5th of a pound)  That figure may be derived by taking a single pound and dividing it by the number of weigh ins during the month.  Hence, 1 lb divided by 5 weigh ins equates to 1/5th or 0.20 lbs.

Likewise in the upcoming months of August and September, there will be only 4 weigh ins so each one pound weight change will be able to influence my final average for those months by 1/4th of a pound or 0.25 lbs

What does that all mean? – Basically, any final weigh in between 239 and 243 pounds will maintain my average weight of 242 since my spreadsheet rounds my average weight to the nearest pound.  Any weight next week less than 239 will reduce my average and any weight above 243 will increase my average.

For July 2015 I’ll be achieving 2 more of the 5 goals I originally had set for 2015 – copied directly from my Running Log tab:

For 2015 I’m looking for…

  • sub 3 hour 1/2 – Achieved! 4/4/15, 2:56:39 & again on 4/12/15 w/ 2:51:28
  • sub 10 min mile – ACHIEVED! 8:50 at the Macklind Mile on 6/27/15! 🙂
  • body weight in the low 240s
  • another 100 mile month 🙂
  • 500 miles for the year

The 242 average will give my the third goal, body weight in the low 240s and I’m at 94 miles for the month so even the minimum of 1 mile per day running to maintain my current running streak will put me at 103 miles for the month which will check off the 4th goal listed for 2015.

I’ll finish July out with at least 376 miles for the year which compares very nicely with my entire total miles for last year of 391 miles.  Either by the end of August or the first week in September I’ll hit my final goal of 500 miles for the year.

Visually, what I can see by the end of this year are an average bodyweight in the 220s, maybe the low 220s and there’s a good chance of seeing weight in the teens – 21x’s and perhaps even an average in the 210s range.


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