Week 24 Weigh-in of 2015

I first touched the 240s in week 16 (April) with a weight of 248.  May was my first month with an monthly average weight in the 240s.  I only have two weigh-ins this month and they average 248.5 lbs.  However, today’s 245.0 is the lowest recorded weekly weigh in I’ve had all year.

2015 Wallpaper 02 half - 2015


My lowest weekly recorded weight since the beginning of 2014 occurred on April 10th of last year with a very manipulated weight of 244.2 – one week later (after my 12 week contest was over) I weighed 260 and strived to maintain that weight for the remainder of the year.

I’ve got a few ways to win here –

If I maintain and weigh the same next Thursday, ie 245 then I’ll have an average weight for the month of 247.  If I drop another 0.8 lbs or more then i can equal or better my lowest weight since I started recorded my weekly weigh ins – and that started 76 weeks ago.

I think lower mileage runs could help a lot and mainly because they will be very low stress to my body relative to the nutty 26.2 miles done this past Saturday.  I’m not exactly sure what my normal or relaxed weight is right now but I’m guessing it may be a bit less than 245.  Kind of have to wait & see.

I’ll have to hit a weight of 242 next week for an average of 246 (rounded).

I added my two marathon medals to the lower left corner of my weigh-in wallpaper.  That’s 2/3rds of the initiation needed to join the Marathon Maniacs club.  🙂  July 18th will be my third and final marathon needed to join the maniacs.

On July 1st I have a Round 3 weigh-in for the most challenging of my 6 month, 10% weight loss challenges ….I’ll need to weigh in at 239.8 lbs or less.

Mentally, I think I can benefit from some time in the gym.  There is a decent chance of getting in 6 gym workouts during the remaining days of this month.  I’ve been at zero for the preceding two months for gym attendance.

Gym time and shorter runs may help a great deal with my mental recovery.

I have two 5K runs and a single 1 mile run before June is over.

For right now – i need to keep patient as well as keeping up some light pressure towards my goals.  I should have greater clarity of vision in the next 2 weeks.



2 thoughts on “Week 24 Weigh-in of 2015

  1. I saw that you’ve now completed two marathons (congrats!) and I was wondering how if feels to finish. It must be a wonderful sense of accomplishment to complete two full marathons. I’d love to hear all about what it’s like and pulling through the especially tough parts. I was thinking about starting to train for a marathon, and would love your insight how to prepare mentally. Thx

    • yep 🙂 actually the latest 2 completed marathons were my 3rd and 4th marathons. My first was in 1994 and second was in 2004. I could probably fill up an entire blog or two responding and, I think I did that with you before with the Ferguson inquiries 🙂 I like the challenge. There are so many days in our lives that will pass by and probably not be remembered but, when you complete a marathon, it’s like adding exclamation points to your life. Times you will never forget. I’ve probably mentioned elsewhere but, I still not only remember the 1st marathon I did but many of the longer training runs and a time or two after it as well.
      mentally ….hmmmm. for these most recent ones …. keep in mind that my original plan was to run a marathon last year, end of October. I thought that was plenty of time to prepare. I did manage 500 miles on my fitbit the first 4 months and got another 391 or so miles from an actual plan but had a really hard time with the long runs and didn’t believe I could deal w/ the marathon distance.
      this year, after an extra couple hundred miles of training things got better. My 1/2 marathon time improved and I finally felt ready, at least to maybe be able to cover the distance. I really wasn’t sure or positive but figured there was only one way to find out.
      I kept that saying in mind by T.S. Eliot – “Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.” so, i decided to risk possibly going too far. 🙂 that’s part of the mental attitude.
      something i really liked in the most recent Hatfield-McCoy marathon was goign through the pain with a group of people yet ….absolutely zero complaints from anybody. it was great. we were hurting, we were all hurting but had to make it through and whining would help nothing. it’s a great type of people to be around because so many people in so many areas of life do nothing but complain.
      not sure if you’re on facebook or not but if you are then you’ll know there are no shortage of people posting all kinds of platitudes about how to live and be positive, blah, blah, blah
      when you’re running and if you’ve completed a marathon. then you’re LIVING those platitudes. you can generate your own – you are the thing that so many others profess that they want to become.

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