2015 Week 7 Weigh-In

I was so excited about my upcoming DC trip and Race with Reason that I completely forgot to post my week 7 weigh-in last blog.  Before these betting contest on DietBetter.com I only weighed myself every Thursday but, lately, I’ve been stepping on the scale everyday.  I guess it’s the money thing.

I had dropped a bit below the 273.4 lbs mark which is the weight I needed for 3 of my contest so I ate a bit extra and have been solidly at 273.4 for several days. I know a week of working out can elicit about a 5 pound gain but, I’m not working out with enough volume to cause those changes – kind of being a bit careful and taking my time.  About the only real concern I had was the $100 bet I have already in place for when one of my contest ends on the 28th of this month because another one starts that very same day so, if my weight is too low then it might be more difficult to drop the extra 4% that the contest requires.  OR – maybe I need to look at it as more of the challenge that I need.

For Christmas My brother had gotten my a couple cases of the following type of protein bars

2015-02-15 01.37.16 - Copy

I waited until these betting contest start to have any of them.  I knew I was going to be doing something in January, I just didn’t know what.

As of today, I’m down again to 271 and I would like to see 269 just because that was my average weight for February last year.  If I drop down to 264 for the last couple weigh ins of this month then I’ll have a 269 average.  We’ll see.

2015 Wallpaper 02 half - 2015

Last year, my average weight was 264.5 so, I’m in the ballpark.  I did not have any months last year with an average weight in the 240 range and that is one of my objectives.  I really like the low 240s 🙂

but… I have that $2,000 prize for the middle of next year for a weight below 212.  That should be interesting and 3 of the 6 month 10% drops should just about do it.

Something else – the gym I’m going to has a couple of Omron body fat analyzers laying out on their front tables which I’ve used the last few times I’ve been to the gym.  Kyle, another blogger on here mentioned some races with Clydesdale classes – basically a weight class for runners 220 and over.  I’m pretty sure, at most any bodyweight at or below 220 that my % of bodyfat has measured in the teens which is ideal according to most charts (specifically bodyfatcharts.com) so I’m curious what the body fat analyzer will say when I’m down to 220 lbs.



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