Washington DC Navy Air Force Half Marathon Preview

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Washington DC Navy Air Force Half Marathon Preview Earlier this year, I was indulging in my rich fantasy life by spending money on winnings which I hadn’t actually won yet by checking out various vacation destinations to be used as part of a reward system for effort which hadn’t actually happened yet either… I was checking out the Las Vegas Rock n Roll half marathon and think I may have mentioned it in a previous blog but, I also wanted to check out places I’d never been before and one of those places is Washington DC.  I found a pretty cool looking run in the DC area called the Navy Air Force Half Marathon and Navy 5 Miler.

click on pic to go to website

click on pic to go to website

For somebody, like myself, who has never been to our nations capital, this is a perfect run.  The run actually starts at the Washington Monument just South of the White House then goes past the Lincoln Memorial, MLK Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial.  A good portion of the run is along the Potomac.  The beginning of the run will also take us across the Potomac on the Arlington Memorial Bridge.  I’m pretty stoked about this run and have signed up and booked a flight 🙂 The registration opened on Feb 2, 2015 and the race accommodates 7500 for the 1/2 and 2500 for the 5 Miler.  Below is a jpeg version of the pdf course route. Washington DC NAF course map From what I can tell, the ongoing motto for the run is Prepare, Execute, Achieve and is reflected on the event shirt.


Speaking of t-shirts, I got another race t-shirt in the mail today! 🙂

Race With Reason 2015-02-14 00.13.02#RacewithReason is something I tag on all the Instagram runs that I post.  The reason(s) are various charities to which money is contributed.  …I’m not sure if I mentioned this but I wrote the organization a little while back to add ALS to the list of charities and am happy to announce that if you look on this page … http://www.racewithreason.com/#!reason/ckqy  my request was accepted and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is now one of the charities receiving contributions from Race With Reason 🙂 🙂 🙂

Gaining Weight & Pumping Iron! Is it time to gain weight?  …that was going to be the title for one of my blog post but …never got around to it and other things cropped up that I was excited about.  Back on the 9th of Feb my weight had already dropped to 271.2 but the 4% weight loss goal for my 1 month Kick Start games meant I only needed to be down to 273.4 at the end of the month so I was pretty far ahead of the game so I changed things up a bit and have started to hit the gym, lift weights and upped my carb intake a bit. Many people are aware of the 3500 kcal per pound of fat but, there’s also 600 kcal in a pound of muscle and 1800 kcal in a pound of glycogen. (and I put that ‘k’ in there because the calorie everybody talks about is really a kilocalorie)  I’ve read research papers which have cited the average glycogen levels of their test subjects at about 417 grams of glycogen and it takes about 450 grams to equal a pound.  for various reasons, I’d cite my own glycogen levels around 3-4 lbs and, it’s probably also worthwhile to note that up to 4 grams of water combine with each 1 gram of carbohydrate.  If you google that number, you’ll often see 3 instead of 4 and some places cite 2.7 grams.  The peer reviewed article I read said 3 to 4. So, for every pound of glycogen in your body you’re looking at another 3-4 lbs of water associated with that glycogen.  So, for me – conservatively say 3 lbs of glycogen and then 12 lbs of associated water for an even 15 lbs. Anyway, I knew I was dropping weight kind of fast.  I’m not sure why these competitions have this effect on me but, I’ve just been eating less but, it was getting to the point where I was starting to feel a bit shaky up on waking in the morning and even dizzy at a few other times which I contributed to low blood sugar.  Since I was already below the games target weight, I figured it would be a good idea to work at topping off the glycogen fuel tanks and build a bit of muscle.  It’s interesting that my weight has been exactly 273.4 for my last 4 daily weigh ins which is also exactly where I need to be at the end of the month for those three 4% challenges. Pumping Iron – This has been kind of fun.  Whenever I start back lifting after any kind of layoff I follow the same routine.  I’ll do one exercise for each of the following body parts – Chest, Back, Shoulders, Arms, Legs.  This order comes from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book called The Education of a Bodybuilder which was produced back …I think in the 70s.  I know I read that book a lot when I was younger and recall the time I fell asleep reading it because when I woke up a part of the cover was torn after falling asleep with the book.  Anyway, Arnold recommends that particular order so, that’s the order I’ve always done.  At this point, I’ll do 2 exercises per bodypart using only warm up weights.  There’s no point in using any more weight than that because after being away from the weights, the lighter weight is all that’s necessary to make myself sore from working out. Muscles also tend to come back quicker than tendons owing to their greater blood supply so I’m taking my time with this routine. Right now I’m working both biceps and triceps for arms so I’m at a total of 12 sets and the whole routine scarcely takes 20 minutes. March should be interesting.  Since I’m already signed up for another 4% challenge my weight should be in the very low 260s which is the +/- range I spent most of last year in.  The final 6 month weight has me slated for around 253.  I’m guessing I should be in the low 240s (or lower) by the time the DC run comes around.  That’s something I’m totally looking forward to! 🙂

fb pic from last years DC run :)

fb pic from last years DC run 🙂


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