52 Weeks of Weigh-Ins

There we go – 52 weeks worth of weigh ins, starting Monday, January 13th, 2014 and ending on Thursday, January 15th, 2015.  …thought i’d throw this blog up during halftime of the Hawks vs Packers game… didn’t happen – under 2 minutes left in that game – freakin’ game of the century here – holy cow!  …  …OT!

After that initial Monday weigh in all subsequent weigh ins were on Thursdays.  Week 32 was the last time I weighed under 260.  From week 33 to 45 I stayed in the 260s.  Battery started going out in Week 46 and was dead in Wk 47.  Week 51 I totally forgot and had to do a catch up weigh in two days later on Sat.

Anyway – looking forward.  I really like how Kyle, who post under Running Large, has running odometer’s for each month of the year dating back to January of 2013.  I’m going to update my Running Log tab to show an Odometer for 2014 along w/ my corresponding average weight for each month.

Below that Odometer table, I want to have a table comparing last years runs to this years runs.  I’m currently signed up and registered for 3 runs in 2015.  Two 1/2 marathons in April and the Rock n Roll 1/2 in October – all runs I’ve done in 2014 so I’ll be able to compare my 2015 times and compete against myself.  Beyond those two, I definitely want to do the Macklind Mile again as well as the Go! St Louis All American 5k – the best 5K I’ve ever run.

For 2014, I ran in 13 of the 14 runs I’d signed up for.  …3 of those “runs” were actually bike rides – Tour de Belleville, Tour de Donut and Moonlight Ramble.

I’ve gotten rid of two of my tabs – the music tab is gone, with several hundred pieces of music on my phone it’s not much of an issue anymore and I don’t need last years marathon training plan but will need something for the 1/2’s coming up in April.  I did virtually nothing for those runs last year except a lot of walking leading up to the runs so it should be pretty easy to beat last years mileage for the beginning of 2015.

I don’t have any specific physical goals at this time – I would like some sub 3 hour 1/2’s in April and I’m fond of a bodyweight in the low 240s – that’s kinda slenderized for me 🙂  For running, the thing I’m most proud of from last year is the 100 mile training month I had in August.  I wouldn’t mind emulating that again and for sure – I’d really like to get in a mile under 10 minutes – that is definitely the Macklind Mile goal 🙂


OK – I also need to blog at least once a week, at least for each of my Thursday weigh-ins.  I’ve already looked up several runs while writing this blog entry and that’s something I haven’t done for a couple months.  The Nashville CMM is $120 for the half – kinda high.  But, the Las Vegas RnR half is sitting at $99.

Mainly, I need to do this for overall health reasons but, it’s a bonus to make it fun 🙂  So …looking at a sub 3 hr half, low 240s bodyweight, sub 10 minute mile and another 100 mile month.

Vegas is interesting.  The first time I ran a 1/2 there, it started at 6:30 a.m. and went up the strip (North) starting at Mandalay Bay then back down west of the strip via Industrial Rd and Frank Sinatra Dr.  There wasn’t much to look at on the way back.   The course in 2015 still starts at Mandalay Bay but, heads South until about even with the Southwest corner of McCarran International Airport then heads back North for about 8 miles then comes back South along the strip and ends at the Mirage.  Oh, it also starts at 4:30 PM Sunday – very different.

Week n - 2nd 12 Week Session zFULL Weeks 52


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