Days 11 & 12: Carpe Diem & The Power of Focus

The 100 Day Challenge found at cost $147 and isn’t something I would normally join on my own.  My brother is familiar with the guy who put the program together and he joined it then was able to invite one other person to participate in the program free of charge which is how I got involved with the program.

I have to say, I would recommend this program and while $147 seemed like a heck of a lot a couple weeks ago, it doesn’t seem like as much today because I’ve gotten so much value from the program.

As far as lofty, flashy or impressive goals …well, I don’t have any that I’m currently working on other than perhaps some actions I’m taking for my Part IV boards which may ultimately lead to a better life.  Back in high school is when the flashy goals, like getting a Lamborghini existed 😉

Today, and especially for the short term it’s more about responsible living and taking care of business at hand.  The preceding 6 years of my life was a bit abnormal due to school but I can see and am working to get much of my old life back because …it was pretty good to begin with 🙂

Starting each day with a worthwhile video and empowering message has been beneficial.  Having to prioritize my activities, commitments & deadlines for each day and sending that list out to other people in the program is something pretty new to me but has had some nice effects.

On a pragmatic level, I’ve limited my laptop/internet time by allowing myself two 45 minute sessions and one 30 minute session each day on my computer.  I even set a timer on my phone now to help hold me to those time slots.  Otherwise, I can spend hours on YouTube or building fantasy cars or reading Quora.  I don’t think I would have thought of using a timer while on the internet if it wasn’t for this program.  It has forced me to ask different questions and come up with different strategies.  It takes good stuff which may or may not have already been in my brain and pushes it to the forefront and helps make that good stuff become more of your everyday living.

My brother passed along another course that comes with a free hardcover book (free means only paying $7 in S&H) and some kind of 12 week course is included.  The book is called The Motivation Manifesto: 9 Declarations to Claim your Personal Power.  For anyone interested that course and book can be found at

The Day 11 video on the 100DC was about Carpe Diem or Seize the Day.  The gist of that video can be obtained by watching Dead Poet’s Society.

Today’s Day 12 video was The Power of Focus.  Winners are the most focused people in life and losers and the least focused.




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