Living a Life of Neglect

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One way I’m like the average Joe is in the fact that I’m probably inherently lazy.  It’s a trait I at least recognize and generally try to compensate for.  Going back to school to become a chiropractor was one way I compensated.  I’ll put myself in a situation where growth and improvement were forced due to the inherent nature of the situations I put myself in.  Once imbued in a situation or environment then it’s a bit like Woody Allen’s mantra which states one simply needs to show up in order to be successful – 90% of it anyway.

Instagram post by a fellow chiro from California

Instagram post by a fellow chiro from California

That post about people who do not move not noticing their chains speaks volumes to me.  The word chain evokes memories of an oft mentioned phrase by Warren Buffett who has said, “The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.”

In a similar vein, there are so many areas of a person’s life that can degrade to a very subpar level but may not be noticed due to neglect.  In my own life I could cite nearly anything – lifting, karate, running, piano – without involvement or neglect in any of those areas for a significant period of time the reality is that I would become excessively weak in those areas.  An effective mental ploy may enable one to find solace when they maintain a mindful awareness of past successes.  I may recall benching over 500 pounds in competition when the reality of today is that I may struggle with 315.  I’ve never forgotten running a 6:04 mile – even though that was over 30 years ago in high school.  But, at least with the running I have embraced the reality of where I am currently.

I guess I’m still developing an appreciation for the fact that not making decisions is in itself a decision and most live a life of our own choosing and not making decisions or consciously thinking about our life and taking action to make it the best we can is itself a decision whether we acknowledge that fact or not.

Day 7: Results are Everything – Abridged notes take from the Day 7 video from the 100 Day Challenge from

It’s easy to say your beliefs and thoughts influence your reality so change them if you need to.

If you keep on doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve been getting.  So, change your behavior.  Just change.

Look at your results and repeat after me, Results are Everything.

Results are Everything

During this 100 Day Challenge we’re going to focus on your performance and corresponding results.  Don’t tell me what you’re going to do, show me what you’ve already done.

don't tell me

best predictor

behavior never lies

By examining your results, I can see a clear picture of your commitment.  I can gain an innate sense of your character.  I can grasp a near perfect understanding of your beliefs and I can most certainly see what you are really made of.   Your results are a reflection of what you believe to be true about yourself.

your resutls

Your results tell me about how you think.  Your results tell me how you talk about yourself even when no one is around.  Your results tell me what you do every single day.  If you want new results, if you want a new reality, there’s only one way… Just Change!

if you want new results

Just Change

Beginning today, beginning right now, change what you think, change what you say and change what you do.  It’s that simple, it’s that profound and it is that important.  A good part about it is it’s not that hard either.  Do you remember what you did yesterday?  If you do not like the results you got yesterday… then change what you think, change what you say and change what you do today.  Whatever it takes to obtain better results, you must be willing to give it a go.

In order for you to have a different life, you actually have to design a better life.  Unfortunately, most people spend more time and energy on their grocery list than they do planning their own future.

most people spend more time...


Today ends week 1 of the 100 Day Challenge and AAR’s are due – After Action Reviews.  I have some work to do regarding this review and a phone call is scheduled today pertaining to the past week’s efforts (as they are scheduled every week.  It’s an interesting program. 🙂


Personal commentary on Day 7 Video

I’ve often heard above sentiments stated as most people spend more time on planning their two week vacation than they do on planning their life.  One thing my brother always mentions towards the end of his Goal Setting seminars is to ask what we (the audience) might have been doing tonight had they not attended his talk.  Most people respond that they would probably be watching television.  I did a quick check on Google and found statistics for the average amount of television watched by the average American.  The results are astounding – both the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Nielsen reports state an average of about 5 hours per day.  A bit more disturbing are suggestions by Nielsen that American’s tend to watch more television as they get older!  This is the exact opposite of what I would expect.  Their report finds

  • children aged 2-11 watch over 24 hours of tv per week
  • adults aged 35-49 watch more than 33 hours of tv per week
  • Over age 65 … watch more than 7 hours per day!

Are you kidding me?!  In the month of August when I hit 100 miles of running for the month, it took me about 24 hours.  A full day of my life and it game me pause to consider that such a large portion of my life was spent running but …..well, my tv watching during that month was pretty much non-existent.  At best, usually a couple movies playing that I had rented and played while working on other activities.

Gotta run – one thing this program has done is to give me different, better and more empowering ways to think about my life.  Like my brother has said – if not doing this then what would I be doing with my time?  At least it is an extra focus on our lives and as such, doesn’t lend itself to living by default or neglect.




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