Success Loves Speed

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Success Loves Speed!

Speed It Up – How to use speed as a competitive advantage

Speed is the ultimate competitive weapon.

  1. Slow cost more.  Every second or minute that you can take out of process or activity saves you time and makes you more money.
  2. Speed is Sexy.  Speed is the ultimate customer turn on.
  3. Speed is impossible to ignore.  Speed brings with it a reputation of confidence, clarity of purpose and execution.
  4. Speed Trumps Size.  in today’s world …it’s not that the big eat the small, it’s that the fast eat the slow.  It’s the one competitive advantage that the big competition can’t duplicate easily.
  5. Speed Empowers Action and Change.  Action is defined as the causation of change.  you see, whatever result you want, it’s a change from what you now have.  …the faster the action, the faster the change.
When you procrastinate you lose enthusiasm, that in turn allows homeostasis to set in.

When you procrastinate you lose enthusiasm, that in turn allows homeostasis to set in.

Homeostasis is

When you get comfortable, you allow your goals, your ideas, your ambitions to fade into the comfort zone of oblivion

as a general rule

the more you hesitate

Today’s Challenge:  Work as fast as you can with as much quality and focus as you can.  Set a goal to get ten times the amount of work done today than you did yesterday.  Focus on results, on doing things right the first time – every time.  Do everything with a high sense of urgency.

There will never be a day that will not require – Dedication, Discipline, Perseverance & Personal Integrity.

The Integrity Pledge – I will honor every commitment, I will keep every promise, I will achieve every goal.

What to do now?

  1. Identify how to execute today’s challenge lesson
  2. Prioritize activities, commitments and deadlines
  3. Post your thoughts on today’s challenge lesson.

…end of video notes…

 New theme picture 🙂

Long time neighbors had one of their daughters getting married yesterday and after the outdoor ceremony took place I got to take some pictures of my brother with his son and managed to get a few pics with my phone.  I like it and now get to see people I love every time I bring up my blog 🙂

Saw a couple neighbors from way back when I was in grade school, junior high and high school.  It’s a trip.  Don & Nancy – they lived right across the street and had two kids with the oldest girl in grade school.  Don shared pictures with me and that little girl is now 38, married and has kids of her own.  I remembered Don got promoted to Colonel – I think Lieutenant Colonel is the first Colonel rank which put him kind of high up on the totem pole then he got moved to the Pentagon where he was a relatively lower rank on the totem pole.  He was a great guy though and always fun to be around.  Currently living in North Carolina.  Another set of neighbors from way back was Jack & Judy – they now live in Texas, just north of Dallas somewhere.  …kind of jotting this stuff down to help my own memory…..


 100 Day Challenge thoughts

I don’t really care for the business references but still like getting thoughts and opinions from someone other than myself and I like that the messages are meant to be positive which beats the heck out of listening to bitching and complaining.  So, it’s a good way to start the day.

For this past year or last 12 months, I think I’d give myself a grade of B+.  I think I could benefit from more focus and better organized action.

Having to fill out a prioritized list of 10 items each day and having that sent out to another person or people may prove to be the most catalystic in terms of changes and improvements, especially if that list is to pertain towards actions which are steps towards predetermined worthwhile goals.  I have more work to do with getting those goals written down and organized so I can improve upon that 10 item list.

Time to head to the park and get in a couple miles of running…   🙂



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