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  • Do It Now – Day 3 of 100 Day Challenge
  • Two Week Goals

Do It Now – Day 3 of 100 Day Challenge – notes from today’s video:

Create a massive sense of Urgency.

What would be a good time to implement a good idea that could change your life for the better?  How about Now?

  • When would be a great time to pay off your debt and become a saver rather than a spender?  After you file for bankruptcy?  Of course not – How about Now!  Start right now, this instant.
  • When would be a great time to lose some weight and take great care of your health?  Should you wait until a heart attack comes?  Get down to the gym right now!
  • If you have a big, ambitions goal that’s begging for your attention,  when should you pursue it?  When the time is right?  When it’s a full moon?  When hell freezes over?  The answer is right now, today, do it now!

Do it Now

No matter how intelligent or capable you may be, if you don’t’ have a sense of urgency, now is the time to start developing it.


Time to step up, raise the bar and astound yourself.  Creating a do it now attitude helps replace question marks with exclamation marks.

  • the unwritten letter – write it today!
  • an old friend – get in touch today!
  • an overdue apology – apologize today!
  • a book to write – start writing today!
  • a visit – visit today!
  • start a business – get started today!
  • a race to run – start running today!
  • daily exercise – start exercising today!
  • language to learn – start learning today!
  • playing an instrument – start playing today!
  • giving back to the community – begin giving back today!
  • share your faith – share it today!
  • time with children – spent more time today!
  • broken relationship – work at it today!
  • confront your fears – do it today!

Do It Today

Get started on becoming a better version of who you really are.

Better Version of You

Today’s Challenge:  Identify three tasks or projects which you have been procrastinating on and take action on them today.  Either get them achieved and experience closure or at least get the ball rolling.  take demonstrative action on each one of them.

And, we have the same closings each day as follows… 🙂

there will never be a day without

Integrity Pledge

 What to do now

D ay 3 Thoughts –

This program is kind of cool.  It’s very different and I’ve never done anything quite like it.  It actually creates a little bit of stress but, I’m seeing it as a good kind of stress.  Sort of like fire – which can be either good or bad.  Bad if it’s burning down your house but good if it’s used for heat and cooking.

Sending out a prioritized list each day to another person who helps hold you accountable is probably what adds the most stress.  There’s no kidding around or letting things slide.  I got an email last night asking how I did on my list….

I mentioned the other day that Behavior Never Lies and ….I guess one truth with me is that Major League Baseball would appear to be a priority in my life, especially if the cardinals are in the playoffs – did everybody catch the following….


My god, that game was a nailbiter!  All I wanted to do was head to a bar so I could watch this game.  I’ve been without cable television for about 5 years now.  Then, I’m thinking Get Serious and Grow Up….   I kind of compromised and stayed at home and caught the live updates on my phone and did get a few things done around the house.

I need to wrap this up because now I have a deadline for the amount of time I’ll spend on today’s blog entry.

I’ve always had a pretty good idea regarding the things I want in life and I have written them down from time to time but, it’s never really been a list I’ve done much with in terms of looking at it everyday and I’ve rarely been held accountable for my goals.  I guess that’s why the weight loss contest earlier this year was so effective because there was that accountability …. combined with a really good shot at winning which is always good for the ego 🙂

At my brother’s Goal Setting workshop, he had several papers for everyone and each page had a different type of goal listed at the top.  One of the sheets of paper was listed as FAMILY.  In other words setting goals pertaining to your family life and what kinds of relationships you want to have and parlaying that into specific action that can be taken to help maintain or improve family relationships.

That caught my eye and made me think to be sure and get Christmas cards out to all my relatives.  I know I did pretty well with this prior to going back to school and it’s something I want to make sure I get going again.  Planning visits and time with family and there’s a few things I need to do yet today pertaining to that goal.

I think I’m also going to focus on the next two weeks as far as goals are concerned.  I’d like to have back to back weight drops and I think simply getting back to getting my 4 runs in per week as well as not eating after 6 p.m. should easily make that happen.


….uhhhh… heck – my time is up here – but, I did get another really nice comment on my Brachial Plexus video on YouTube today.  I also found a 7 year old kid that’s kind of my YouTube idol.  I was looking through a list on a business website which listed the most powerful people from ages 0 to 100 and at age 7 was a kid on YouTube pulling in $1.32 million dollars per year!  A SEVEN YEAR OLD!!!!  omg – just amazing.

Anyway, here is a list of the most recent comments with the one I received today up top.  I’m kind of proud of this video

BP Comments

This video is a totally original way to draw the Brachial Plexus and has been used by students, schools and even a hospital in Germany to help educate others.  I’d like to get some additional videos made and have some specific ideas for the carpal bones and rotator cuff muscles.  One other original idea pertains to a neat mnemonic for visceral coverings …makes me remember another mnemonic I used in a contest and won a free Grey’s Anatomy book.  There may be some talent here ….which, is worthless unless I do something with it.


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