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100 Day Challenge! – Day 1  (Oct 2.2014)

On Wednesday, October 1st, my brother signed up for a 100 day challenge at and asked me if I wanted to do it with him.  I already had a lot on my plate and had been shunning anything which could lead to extra stress.  I didn’t particularly feel like doing it so naturally, I said, “Yes” and signed up.  I’ve been around long enough that I have a pretty good read on my own mental resistance to new activities and can usually tell whether something may be good for me regardless of my emotional interpretation.

There are many aspects to this program, the purpose of which is to Inspire, Promote and Celebrate Excellence!  There are about 421,000 people and organizations from more than 80 countries around the world using the 100DC to help improve their lives.  Each day, we get an email with a different theme and an associated video.  Today was day 1 of the program and the video was titled Get Serious – Grow Up!

As often as possible, I thought it might be interesting to blog a bit each day about that days lessons to share the content with others and thereby helping myself more fully learn and appreciate the lessons as well.  Below the videos we watch, there is a list of 10 blank spaces in which we are to prioritize our activities, commitments and deadlines for the day and at the bottom of that list is my email and a space to put in an email for an Accountability Buddy so they we both get a copy.  Below that list section there is also a forum where we can share our thoughts and ideas about the daily lesson.

In addition to the Daily videos and list that get emailed out there is a weekly  AAR or After Action Review which allows us to measure, monitor and adjust our performance on a consistent basis.  This AAR also includes an After Action Review Teleseminar phone call every Wednesday at 1PM EST.

It’s fairly involved.  I have a folder on my laptop where I’ve already downloaded 19 pdf files pertaining to the 100DC.

I’m going to play the Day 1 video again, pause it and take notes below 🙂

Get Serious – Grow Up

Getting Serious is the key decision you must make to fast-track your growth.

One thing about successful people is that at some point in their life each one has looked in the mirror and decided that once and for all that they were done playing games …that they were done standing on the sidelines while other people that they did not perceive as being as bright or as talented lived in nicer homes and enjoyed a better quality of life.

This reminds me of something Warren Buffet has said numerous times in his talks (thank you YouTube) in that a person with 200 horsepower ability might be outperformed by someone with only 100 horsepower ability because they guy with the 200 HP potential might only be using 40% of it (80HP) while the person with the 100HP ability might be using all of it.

Behavior never lies.

“Too many people take a casual and cavalier approach to life.”   This line kind of struck a chord with me.  I do have times of maximal effort but I also think I could benefit from greater consistency and focus.  It’s excessively easy for me to be content and comfortable which can easily lead to complacency and gaps in effort.

“if you want to get ahead in life you have to be serious about how you are going to use your precious and limited time”

The video now mentions some aggressive statements…

  1. You’ll become rich when you get serious about becoming rich and not one second sooner.  Unless you decide to get rich by developing a plan and executing your plan consistently you’ll forever remain in the situation you are currently in.
  2. You’ll get in great physical shape only after you get serious about getting in great physical shape and not one second sooner.  Until you make the decision to get in shape you’ll continue to suffer the consequences of obesity, high cholesterol and poor fitting clothing.
  3. You’ll make advances in your career or business only after you decide to make excellence your operating standard.
  4. You will enjoy a great marriage and loving relationship only after you decide to get serious about having a great marriage and not one second sooner.   Until you choose to build a loving, nurturing, safe and supportive relationship, your relationship will remain as it currently is.
  5. You will leave a significant and lasting legacy only after you decide to get serious to get serious about the contributions you want to make in your lifetime.  Until you choose to do something important with your life, until you choose to embrace a cause that you passionately believe in, you will continue to waste your time and your talents.

You demonstrate you are serious when you do the following

  1. when your ability to execute matches your capacity to imagine a new future
  2. when you set realistic but challenging deadlines and honor them.
  3. when you are on-time and fully prepared for meetings
  4. when you look for solutions rather than focusing on problems and who’s to blame.
  5. when you go the extra mile as a habit and not as a selective exercise that you showcase on special occasions
  6. when you arrive to work early and stay later
  7. when you consistently meet or exceed quota
  8. when you take initiative and proactive behavior without being told what to do
  9. when you focus on adding ever greater value
  10. when you make far more deposits than withdrawals into your relationships
  11. when you accept reality as it is, not as it was or how you would like it to be.

Until you accept the wisdom of those four words – Grow Up, Get Serious.  You’re going to waste a lot of time and energy.

Your commitment about generating big, bold results is critical.

There will never be a day in your life that will not require:
Personal Integrity

The Integrity Pledge
I will honor every commitment
I will keep every promise
I will achieve every goal

Soooo, it looks like Today’s Challenge is to review the list of goals we’ve set for the 100 Day Challenge and determine if we are really serious about achieving those goals.

Do I have a list?  This past Wednesday, my brother held a Goals setting seminar at his office which I attended.  He offers free educational seminars to the public and especially his patients at no charge and is part of his office goals to help reduce physical, mental and chemical stress of his patients.  He’s been doing the goals seminar every year for about 15 years now.  So, I have a bit of a list from that evening and I had three pages of notes from going through the 100DC members website.

There’s nothing really new that I want, it’s been the same types of things for a very long time and i’ve already been in the process of making it all happen.  Maybe kicking things up a few notches, being more consistent with my efforts, more organization, kind of general stuff like that which is probably pretty common.  …karate, lifting, running, piano

Taking great trips was one of 26 initial reasons I left my last job and became a chiropractor –

In those 5 aggressive statements listed in the video.  The first one about the general notion of getting rich is kind of a turn off for me.  Unless it relates to something specific, even just something as basic as general financial advice about saving up 3-6 months worth of income, I’m just not overly interested.  $1,200 means something to me because a round trip plane ticket to Europe can be purchased with it.  $1,500 means I can pay for Part IV National Boards exam.  $75,000 per annum is an amount I’ve read where happiness is manifested in that basic needs are well taken care of and amounts beyond that don’t necessarily contribute any more to happiness.  Having a plane for the sake of having a plane isn’t so motivating but getting my pilots license is in which case maybe a Cessna 182 or 210 could be a goal.  My car is 12 years old and pushing 300,000 miles so …yeah, i would like a different car and for me having a different biomechanical position when sitting in the car is a motivating factor.   The 968 was being pursued prior to leaving my last job but isn’t at the top of my list anymore.  A shiny baby grand piano would be nice but being able to play piano better would be a bigger & more important goal.  My relationship with the piano started ….oh …back around 1971.

A common motivational distribution would be to categorize motivation as either extrinsic or intrinsic.  Extrinsic examples would be things like money, Status, Popularity while Intrinsic could include things like personal growth, relationships and a desire to help others.

I do like the idea of excellence mentioned in that list.  That reminds me of Vince Lombardi or guys like Coach John Wooden.  For literally decades I’ve had a mantra in my head commonly attributed to Benjamin Franklin (a Mason) which stated, “a good example is better than a good sermon”

I think I’d like to point my compass in the direction of getting more things done each day and increasing overall happiness as a result.    I still have my weekly weigh in to post – and, as is typical will need to thwart my other topics in order to get moving.

Week 37 Weigh-In

Week 37 finds myself at a bodyweight of 268.8

Overall, in the past 27 weeks my weight has been +/- ~3% of 260 with one anomalous reading of 245 which was 5% below.  But, this …….I think I would be embarrassed if I had to post any weight of 270 or higher so, in that regard, maybe blogging the weekly weigh in is useful.  Because, without owning up to the weight and acknowledging it, I have a feeling I might do as I have in the past and simply balloon back up in weight.

Week n - 2nd 12 Week Session Weeks 37 - Copy

I did a thought experiment once where I imagined myself being blind.  I thought of how my life would be different and ended up concluding that while some areas of my life would be less, I also concluded that other areas of my life would be more.  I figured I could still play the piano and workout.  With less ability there would be a naturally increased focus on some of the remaining aspects of my life.

The Day 2 video came through about 1:18 a.m. last night (early this morning)


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