Weeks 34 & 35 Weigh In

Well…. a day after my Week 33 weigh in I was 267.4 – In summary, I dropped 5 pounds from that weight to 262.4 for Week 34 then went up 4 lbs to 266.4 for my Week 35 Weigh-in.

Week n - 2nd 12 Week Session Weeks 34-35 - Copy


Pretty statistically insignificant overall.  While posting these weigh-ins hasn’t engendered any great results regarding weight loss I think it has been useful to at least keep aware of where I’m at and has probably helped at least to maintain the weight that was lost at the beginning of the year from the weight loss contest I was in.

It has occurred to me that it might take another contest to knock the weight down again to a new low which would happen in Jan of 2015.

Either way – I’m basically rebooting my brain after my Part III boards.  I think it went very well.  My best previous score was in March of 2012 and my worst score was March of 2014.  I think this should be my best score and I have a very good chance of passing with this latest attempt.

I added a couple new pictures to my weigh-in wallpaper and instead of cars, I have a couple trips I’ve been looking into and fantasizing about.  The red building is a bar in Dusseldorf Germany.  It’s a 1-star bar but looks neat.  Nearby is a place called Pilsner Urquell which ranks 4-stars.  A lot of these bars only have 2-3 draught beers and 0-1 bottled beers.  That second bar I mentioned has 3 different draught beers which have 12-13% alcohol content!  holy cow!

So far, the best round trip flights I could find to Dusseldorf are around $1,000.  I think one nice trip like this per year would be a very good goal 🙂  I’ve also found some “dot de” websites for runs in Germany – How cool would that be to get a medal from another country 🙂

The other island type picture is from Cagliari, Sardinai.  They have a language school there called One World Italiano (OWI).  I kind of have a fetish for languages.  OWI helps provide living accommodations for visitors wishing to go to their school for a week or two.  Classes run from about 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. then the rest of the day can be spent exploring the country.  I’m not sure how much flights are to Sardinia but the flight time is in the 15 hour range so maybe more expensive than Germany which is about a 12 hour flight from St Louis.

The layovers look cool.  With Germany you can choose between stops in Dublin or Madrid.  🙂

Gotta head out for work soon.  Looking at another job I need to get an application, resume and cover letter in for this week.

and – oh yeah – need to start getting in more than 1 run/ week.  Last week I got in a single walk of 3.5 miles.

I never seem to get headaches but, in the week or two leading up to that exam and the week after I was kind of bed ridden a lot.  The pressure seemed so great that I actually had concerns I might blow out a blood vessel in my brain if I were to run.  that kind of thinking could also have been from studies on temporal arteritis and things like that.  idk.

gotta run!


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