Week 20 – Don’t Trust Yourself

I learned early on in my running this year that I can be incompetent when it comes to predicting how well I’ll do with any particular run.  Today this experience coalesced it’s way into my life and helped me get in a run.  It was about 9:20 Tuesday morning and my last day up in Iowa.  I learned checkout wasn’t at noon, as was posted on that little plaque inside the hotel room door but at 11 a.m. so, I had some time available to get in a run and take a quick shower afterwards but I wasn’t really feeling it.  Didn’t want to go.  I’m not sure where this running funk mentality came from but I was aware of the game being played in my head.

Then I realized that whatever my mind was thinking shouldn’t necessarily be trusted and a better place to make a decision about whether to run or not should be made out on the road, after I’m fully dressed and prepped to run.  If I still didn’t feel like running once I was out there on the street then at least I’d have a little more informed decision.

I taped up my feet, got my running attire on, headed out the door – started all three apps I use to track my runs then cranked up some music and …I didn’t realize this until the end of my run but, that voice in me that was questioning whether I should run or not never opened it’s mouth once.  That voice simply vanished and was never heard from again.

It reminded me of that proverbial type of advice about sticking up to bullies in order to have them leave you alone (hopefully).

Soon after I arrived in Iowa last week I found a bike path only 6/10ths of a mile South of the hotel I was staying at.

I liked the path and paths/ trails in general and always try to avoid the sidewalks.  I still remember losing both of my big toe nails when training for my first marathon 20 years ago.  The really painful part for me was continually having to pry up the edges of the toe nails as they were growing back in so they wouldn’t become ingrown.

Shortly before the trip I noticed my feet were becoming a bit bloody in certain areas.  Bilaterally under both lateral malleolus and at the heel of both feet where my shoe was rubbing.  I’ve been putting bandaids over all four of those areas then wrapping the same areas with some light athletic tape and putting cotton balls over the afflicted areas.  It’s made a big difference and eliminated a lot of pain from my runs.

I thought of one blog title while I was running called Nipples, Ankles and Sunscreen or something to that effect.  I also recalled 20 years ago that any run 15 miles or more often resulted in bloody nipples from that skin being worn away from the slight movement of whatever shirt I was wearing.

I haven’t had any 15 mile runs but, the 13.1 mile training run I did last Thursday and subsequent runs have gotten me to the point that either I run without a shirt or start putting bandaids on my chest as well as my ankles.

The inner thighs are another area to contend with and another area where skin can be rubbed away to the point of bleeding.  My 13.1 mile run was the only time that got really bad but, I’ll have to get that figured out.

IMG_20140818_121248 - Copy

Those funky mushroom fungus type things were found about 2 miles into my run when I headed to the left on that bike path.

Mentally, that half marathon distance training run I did was broken down into two 3 mile runs.  I went 0.6 miles to get to the bike path then I figured I would turn left, run 3 miles and come back to where I started then, go to the right 3 miles and come back to where I started.  Well, each 3 miles out and back was 6 miles each – times two gave me 12 miles and heading back the 0.6 miles to the hotel was 1.2 total so, viola! 13.2 miles 🙂

I did the same sort of mental game with my 8 mile run – 2 miles to the left, return, then 2 miles to the right.

I’ve already looked up trails in Overland Park, KC where I’ll be staying next and found a really nice looking 26 mile trail called Indian Creek Bike/Hike Trail.  And wouldn’t you know it – it’s about 0.6 tenths of a mile north of the hotel where I’ll be staying.

The review class schedule is a little more grueling in KC than it was up in Davenport, IA.  The first day I arrive is only 5 hours or so that evening but, every day after that is the standard 9-6 schedule.  In fact, from now until September 4th  …..I do have off on Labor day but, 14 of the next 15 upcoming days will be of the 9-6 variety.

Oh well, I’ll take it slow & easy and one day at a time.  Only 3 more full weeks before that Part III board exam.

One week before the Part III exam I have a 50 mile bike ride scheduled then two weeks after the exam ….I’m pondering.  I could – run back to back to back to back Half marathons – 4 weeks in a row leading up to the full marathon.  I would have nearly two weeks after the last half marathon and still be able to taper down accordingly.

Initially, I was thinking signing up for all those races would force me to at least get in 13.1 miles of non-stop motion in a single outing but, then I did that 13.1 miles on my own.  The first 6.5 miles of that run was non-stop jogging which was pretty cool.

Secondary thinking was to make the weekend day with the half marathon my medium run day and then make Wednesdays my long run days.  Somewhere along the line I do have to get in 18 and 20 mile runs.

Sometimes I’m still stunned by this whole ordeal.  Half marathons – well, to get through them you just kind of do it and for a lot of people, especially if you’re going to walk it, there isn’t any grandiose training required.  This full marathon thing is such a much bigger deal.  I don’t think I put in this much effort for my first marathon 20 years ago but … I was 20 years younger and considerably lighter.



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