Washington Fair Run – Moonlight Ramble – Rock n Roll Medals – Week 16 Weigh-In

In Today’s Blog:

  • Washington Town & Country Fair 5k/5 Mile Run recap
  • Moonlight Ramble Preview
  • Rock n Roll Medals Preview
  • Week 16 Weigh In

2014-08-02 06.37.16 - Copy 2014-08-04 04.15.06

I had a catchy title I was working on for the Washington Fair Run called the Top 10 Things About Coming in Last but wasn’t able to get behind it and the few people I shared the topic with didn’t seem to understand it and seemed more intent on consoling me which, in fact was more of a reflection of their own life’s experiences and had nothing to do with the gist behind my run.

I chose the 5 mile run in Washington for the same reason I chose the 10k over the 5k at the Six Flags Biggest Loser run which was to get more miles to help with my training program.  These long runs were something new in my life and simply wanted the help inherent with being in a race with lots of other people.  That being said, the Washington run was a bit like that Science Center run I did a number of years ago in that I’m with a bunch of other people, then comes the split in the race where you take either the shorter or longer route and, once again, when I took the longer route I was alone and everybody else went the shorter distance.  There was one group of three people that took the longer route but, only one of those people actually continued and saw the distance through the entire way the other two people either quit (unlikely) or cut one block over somewhere along the route to finish using the shorter 5k route.

If I were compiling a list of the 10 best things about coming in last then one of those reasons would definitely be that at least I didn’t cheat to have to finish the race.

I trotted a mile before the race then completed the 5 miles giving me 6 miles for the day.  I was running on very little sleep, about 2 hours.  I worked a little later than expected the night before and even though I went to bed as early as possible I remembered seeing 2:30 on my clock before I finally fell asleep.  My alarm went off at 4:30 a.m. and I felt alright, headed out the door a little after 5 and got to the race around 6:20.

IMG_20140802_071803 - Copy - Copy

I did get some really nice pictures and the new picture I’m using at the top of my blog was close to the start of the race, it’s a bridge over Lion Lake and it was really a gorgeous site to see bright and early that morning.

IMG_20140802_075836 - Copy


I did learn I really need other people around to help push myself but since I was basically on my own my pace & time for this run was nothing more than a typical training run.  Afterwards was pretty cool.  This run featured Free beer & pizza as well as the more typical free items such as fruit, gatorade, protein bars and ice cream 🙂  For statistical purposes, I usually take my weight before a run but, for the first time ever …I actually weighed more after the run than I did before!

 Before and After 5 Mile Run

I only had one beer and one Gatorade but …also had 2 ice creams & 4 slices of incredibly good pizza!  🙂  Overall this run was a great value, the cost was only $15 for either the 5k or 5 Mile option.  The overall male winner of the 5 mile run came in at a blistering pace of 28 minutes and change.  And, I gotta tell ya – this guy looked like a frickin’ stud.  Average elite male runners weigh in the 130lb range (136 according to my latest spreadsheet) which is about 1/2 my weight …maybe that’s why they are twice as fast … but, this guy, John Cash from Washington, MO was really well built and muscular, not at all like the other first place age group winners who had more of the typical super slender builds.  The overall female 5 Mile winner was pretty much the same way – just built – very well developed musculature & minimal bodyfat.  They both looked like world class athletes.

Traditionally, packet pickup for the Moonlight Ramble has always been the night of the race but, this year we were able to pick our packets up prior to the race so we get a little sneak preview of the shirt & bycicle bib 🙂

Front of Shirt

Front of Shirt

Bicycle Bib

Bicycle Bib

Back of Shirt

Back of Shirt

This is the 51st annual Moonlight Ramble and, I remember wondering last year if I would still be around for the 100th Moonlight Ramble.  I will be 97 years old for that one 🙂

When I signed up for the extra 5k taking place the day before the St Louis Rock n Roll half marathon I didn’t know if that 5k came with a medal or not but, I got an email with medal previews and found out that a medal will be given and it’s really cool!  This will be the first 5k medal I’ve ever gotten that has the 5K as part of the medal.

Sat5k_Medal HalfMarathonMedal

The half marathon medal isn’t too bad either 🙂  As I’d mentioned previously, I wanted the Spinning Guitar pick medal for running both of the races but, I’ll also be getting an Encore performance medal for completing my 2nd Rock n Roll run of the year with the first one being the Country Music Marathon down in Nashville, Tennessee.

rock-encore StLouisREMIX_cleanim

After only 4 runs this month, I got my Bronze trophy from NikePlus indicating I’d ran over 15 miles this month.  Today, on Aug 7th, I’ll be getting my Silver Trophy for hitting 25 miles.  This is a pretty good total mileage running pace for me and I can definitely feel it on my body.  While my total mileage is going skyward, I’ve also noticed having some of my slowest paced runs to date.  My 4 mile run two days ago was the slowest of the year as was my 6.2 mile run yesterday.  With both of those runs I jogged the first two miles non-stop then felt like I ran out of gas.  Yesterday’s 6.2 miles was so difficult and demanding that I actually found my brain trying to rationalize a way out of it while I was running!  I’ve never encountered this before but, I’m not sure if I’ve ever been on pace to do over 100 miles in a single month before either.

I think what’s really going on is something I started feeling about a week ago.  It’s as if I can literally feel visceral changes taking place in my body.  For one thing, I think my stomach is shrinking.  I’ve noticed with a few meals that I simply cannot eat as much as I used to be able to consume to the point of causing pain in my stomach and putting leftovers in the fridge to finish later.  I don’t normally have leftovers …not ever, or at least I never used to.

Another change is putting in my average monthly weight as part of my Training Averages kept under my Running Log tab.  For me, a big key to dropping weight seems to be simple awareness and my weight just isn’t something I think about all that often.  My weekly weigh in wallpaper is usually covered with other browser windows and there is no contest I’m in.  The weekly updates here on my blog haven’t been as effective as I originally thought but, I do look at my stats fairly regularly so it’s turned it into more of a game that I should be able to do well at.

Anyway, I believe the main reason for the slower times is because I’m eating less and that is reflected in the 9 pound drop in weight I had this past week going from 261 to 252 🙂

Week n - 2nd 12 Week Session Week 16 - Copy

I’m kind of excited about this week’s weigh in and the realistic prospect I have for dropping down into the 240’s next week.  I’ve only been in the 240’s once this entire year and that was for my final weigh in of my 12 week contest which makes that weight a bit bogus because it had a lot to do with fluid & food manipulation and wasn’t such a legitimate weight.  Also, the second lightest weigh in I’ve had all year was 251 lbs which occurred in Week 11 of that same contest.  I know I weighed as low as 252.2 in week 5, as shown above but, maybe that weight was too close to the heels of that contest.  I know my mind is different now and I’ve been maintaining my 260 weight for about 4 months now so I do think I’m ready to legitimately drop into the 240’s 🙂

Between now and next week’s weigh in I’ve got 43 miles of running scheduled and a 20 mile bike ride this Saturday so there’s more than enough physical activity to help drop my weight.   ….geezus …is that right?  43 miles???  ah, ok, i have trouble adding sometimes – it’s 33 miles – still, plenty & more than enough to help elicit the change I’m seeking. 🙂

I’ll be out of town for my next weigh-in and will have to remember to bring my scale.  🙂


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