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  • Weekly Weigh-Ins & VDOT!

I got an email earlier this week from the St Louis Rock n Roll people informing me that an additional 5k was added the day before the Rock n Roll Marathon and Half Marathon in October and by running in the added 5k on Saturday then completing one of the marathon events on Sunday that a medal with a spinning guitar pick could be earned.  About 10% of me was concerned about the extra mileage and running the day before my half but, I also liked the idea of running back to back races – if nothing else for the challenge.  The other 90% of me was concerned about the cost since I’ve got a full month coming up without any work/income due to board reviews and need to conserve funds where I can.

Well, I guess ego and the allure of that medal won out so I signed up last night 45 minutes before the end of July $5 price increase.  It *is* a pretty cool medal! 🙂 😉


Weekly Weigh-In
Maintaining the status quo! 😉 🙂

Week n - 2nd 12 Week Session Week 15 - Copy


I’m thinking of adding my bodyweight averages per month along with the running training averages I’ve been keeping, that way they’ll be displayed more prominently on my Running Log tab and not be so secluded as with a single post at most every week.  I know I didn’t even post my weigh in last week so, maybe that will help keep me more motivated to watch my weight and help push it down.

I’d really like to see a weight of 242.  I felt really good at that weight in the past and have a lot more clothes I can fit into.  If I can maintain a 260 weight for 15 weeks then I should be able to maintain 242 just as well.  Of course, with the impending marathon, the less weight the better and there was something I ran across which could actually show how much faster I could be at a lower weight.

A PhD by the name of John Daniels came up with a variable called VDOT.  It refers in part to a person’s VO2 max but apparently takes into consideration some other factors as well.  At a bodyweight of 263, and a 5k race time of 38:31 I have a VDOT of 22.7 which gives me a projected marathon time of about 6 hours but, by dropping 50 pounds to a weight of 213 I can raise my VDOT rating to almost 30 and have a projected marathon time of close to 5 hours.  Basically, for every pound I drop, I can take a minute off my marathon time.

OK, I’ve added a column for average weight and I’ll take the average of my weekly Thursday weigh ins to calculate those figures.

I’m still looking at dropping weight prior to the November 1st marathon but am aware of several peculiarities when it comes to increased running and body weight.  Last week, I ran 13 miles over Tue, Wed & Thur and watched my weight creep up to around 263.8.  I also recall a contestant from the Biggest Loser a few years back who ended up gaining a pound while training for the end of the season marathon and I know from the Running Large blog here on wordpress that Kyle ended up gaining some weight in spite of running in as many half marathons in 2014 as the rest of his life combined.

Obviously, this seems paradoxical but, my theory of the situation goes like this.  If we’re starting with a person who already has a propensity to be heavy then there’s a reason for that.  I think it has to do with the person’s innate tendency to have a somewhat ravenous appetite to begin with and major increases in training can give rise to exacerbating this appetite.

I also think this is part of the reason I was able to drop 72 pounds in the 12 weeks like I did because I was only walking.  Nothing stressful.  No double digit running escapades.  It was very easy to keep my mind calm and push off eating when I was hungry.  Comparatively speaking, when I get hungry now, it’s a much, much stronger impulse.

However, with that being said, I’m not always helping out the situation.  I have a tendency to go for long periods of time without eating.  Say, from the time I wake up until 10 at night.  The day before this weeks weigh in I didn’t eat until after midnight and had a 264ish weigh in the next morning and from eating more sensibly last night I was 256.8 this morning.

This is the same situation I faced prior to getting into competitive bench press contest a decade ago.  A personal trainer at the gym I worked at said I needed to eat more often.  I did, dropped weight and got stronger.  I also set 7 state bench press records and do believe I still hold one record in some place down South – …. wow, the Son Light Power website is gone now – after 40+years that federation was dissolved.  oh well.

We’ll see what happens.  I’ve got plenty on my plate and a lot of work to get done over the next 6 weeks before my Board Exam.



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