Six Flags Biggest Loser 10K, Race Results – I got a Ribbon! :)


I’ve learned a lot – For me, jogging is slow but a somewhat tight range of speeds, something like 4.1 to 4.4 mph and seldom above or below that range for any length of time.  With walking, I can go as fast as 5.0 mph and keep it up for a fair amount of time but the bottom part of my walking range is much slower, I’d say my walking range is 2.5 to 5.0 mph.

If I’m focused and in the moment, I can keep up that 5.0 mph walking pace but, it takes a some determination and effort.  There was one point in the 10k where I found myself alone and when I pulled my smartphone out of my pocket I saw that my pace had slipped to 4.0 mph or a little below so I had to pick up the pace.

There were points in this race however, when my jogging pace was starting to match my fastest walking pace. (i.e., 12 min/mile or 5 mph)  This occurred when I was walking at max pace then my jogging form started to take over.

2014-07-19 14.03.14

Maximal Effort – During my practice 10k this past week my fastest mile was 12:58 but during this Biggest Loser 10k – EVERY mile was FASTER than 12:58.  I was cruising!

For me, maximal effort means I’ve got nothing left at the end of the race and it’s been like that for my last 3 races.  There is no massive sprint at the end because I don’t have anything left inside me.  I pick up the pace for as long as I can and for as fast as I can.  For short term jogging/running, I can easily exceed that 4.1-4.4 mph pace and easily push 6.0 mph but, it’s not a pace I can keep up for any great distance.

This last push I gave today lasted close to the final 1/2 mile which is pretty huge for me.  I could tell my legs were wobbling which reminded me of my 1/2 marathon finish in Manitoba, Canada.

2014-07-19 06.24.06-1 - Copy

Being a Target! – I know how this works, you pick someone ahead of you that you would like to catch up with.  There were a lot of run/walkers in my particular group of runners and they would all jog to catch up with me and pass me a bit then drop back down to a walk.  Around miles 4-5 some of them got ahead of me but, it’s important to run your own race which is exactly what I did.  I could see my times, I could see I was often in a 12 min/mile range or faster already and had to accept that because I’m not yet a 10 min per mile runner or anything.

From mile 5 onward, I had the afterburners going with my super fast walking speed and had passed a lot of the people who were ahead of me.  Even with some of those people jogging, they weren’t much faster than my walking pace so it took a lot for them to catch up to me.  Towards the end though, I kicked in a jog which was that faster than normal jogging pace and was able to hold it – basically, I dusted them all!  🙂  There wasn’t a snowballs chance in hell that any of them were going to equal my pace and catch up with me.  I knew they were already pushing to catch up with me each time

I had a target I picked in the first mile or two of the race.  They had an easily recognizable outfit, thinking it was solid black and red and I noticed they were alternating between walking and jogging but, I never was able to catch them.

At the end of the race, I knew anyone faster than me was already done which was part of the reason I was confident I could stay ahead of all the other people who had been using me as a target.

2014-07-19 07.10.06 - Copy 2014-07-19 09.02.28 - Copy

Mental Anguish Remembered! – It was April 29th, 2007 at the St Louis Science Fair 10k ….  There was a 5k option but, I was stupid and signed up for the 10k.  I remember the split when people doing the 5k went one way and the other 132 people who were doing the 10k went a different direction….

Ugh!   I know there were 132 people because as soon as we made that 5k/10k decision turn 132nd was the place I found myself in.   Unless ….I could catch up to my target!  My Target was a 66 year old female who just kept right on trucking ….she was walking and I was anemically jogging as best I could interspersed with walking.  It took about the entire 6 miles to catch up to her and finally pass her but, I did it….  and secured the lofty place of being 131st out of 132nd.

I hated that extra 3.1 miles.  It’s something that never left my brain and I knew this Biggest Loser 10k was going to be like that.  Had I chosen the 5k option then ….I could have ran an extra 50 yards at the 5k/10k split and been done with the race.  I didn’t know if I would end up hating myself and regretting my choice.  Fortunately, since I have been training for the last 15 weeks, it wasn’t that bad and things turned out alright.

I did compare my 5k split time and found that I would have taken 3rd overall out of 140 people in the 5k walking division.  Some lady who cranked out an 8:21 pace won the overall spot but, 8:21 hardly qualifies as being a walker so I’m thinking Kellie Kelly from Ferguson MO was probably on drugs when she picked the walking division or, maybe she just made a mistake.

2014-07-19 13.57.22 - Copy 2014-07-19 09.53.01 - Copy

Had I Done the 5K Walking Division –  Looking at my 5k split – I would have placed first in my age group and 3rd overall out of 140+ people 🙂  I needed the longer distance to go with my marathon training program and figured I’d still have a fighting chance of getting some sort of award for being in the top 3.

 2014-07-19 10.31.46 - Copy

I’ll get a picture of the medal posted in a subsequent post but I need to grab as much sleep as I can before work tonight.  For some reason I could not fall asleep last night even though I got to bed at a decent time.   I think it was well past 4 a.m. and maybe 4:30 a.m. before I finally fell asleep and my alarms were set to go off at 5:15 a.m.  I slept through that one and didn’t wake up until about 5:45 but, an hour and 15 minutes later, I found myself at Six Flags so, it all worked out fine 🙂

Oh heck – here’s the medal 😉

2014-07-19 13.43.19



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