Karate! – Run! – Read!

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  • Week 13, Day 1 (didn’t happen)
  • Upcoming Runs!
  • Pre Weigh-In for Week 11
  • Karate! – Run! – Read!

Week 13, Day 1
There was no Day 1 run for week 13 and I was AOK with that.  My schedule is to run 4 out of 7 days each week which equates to running on 57% of the days of the week.  I ran in 5 of the preceding 6 days which is a running rate of 83% plus, Sat & Sun were both race days so the intensity was higher than normal.  Also, my feet were really benefiting from the new shoes I’d purchased and much of the pain was subsiding and I wanted to continue with good recovery of my feet.  So, I took off Monday and did not run.  I could really feel a difference too.  The taper before the marathon must be incredible because I felt like I had 1,000 Watts of energy flowing through me on my 2nd day off.

Upcoming Runs!
Just a quick preview here since I’m pressed for time today but in the next 5 weeks I’m signed up for 6 different events.  3 Running events and 3 Bicycling events.

  1. Fri 7/11 – Tour de Belleville (bicycling), probably do 5 miles
  2. Sat 7/12 – Tour de Donut (bicycling) 34 miles
  3. Sat 7/19 – Six Flags Biggest Loser Run – 10k
  4. Sat 7/26 – Walking Ramblers Hilly Babler 10 Mile Walk
  5. Sat 8/02 – Washington Town & Country Fair Run – 5 Miles
  6. Sat 8/09 – Moonlight Ramble (bicycling)- 20 Miles

Pre Week 11 Weigh-In
I could feel that I was getting lighter so I weighed myself a couple times this morning and found a low bodyweight of 253.6 lbs

2014-07-02 11.02.23 - Copy

 My low for this month has been 259.8 lbs and for last month my lowest weight was 252.2 lbs.  I think July can be a big month for changes in my weight since the training mileage is about doubled over last month.  I’ve had lighter weigh ins like this in the day or two leading up to my weigh in but, like today, if I don’t say anything then I could pig out tonight after work, gain 4 lbs and still weigh in less than last week.  I need a little more pressure and accountability.  I need to dip well down into the 240s this month.

Karate! – Run! – Read!
My mind was racing yesterday, I was very hyperfocused on the upcoming marathon, thinking of a new tab to put in this blog called Marathon Prep and thinking about many of the specific miles I’ll be covering and which songs I’ll be listening to.  Putting together a specific playlist of songs for the marathon like I did with the Macklind Mile which, incidentally, I never got to listen to because I lost my ear buds while walking to the start of that race.

I’ve envisioned 10 minute miles because it’s easy to figure out how long the marathon would take if we’re running a tenth of a mile every minute.  26.2 miles equals 262 minutes or 4 hours 22 minutes.  Every extra minute each mile takes adds around 26 extra minutes (26 for easy figuring)  11 min miles would be a 4:48 marathon and 12 min/mile equals a 5hr 14min marathon.

At this point, being able to run 26 back to back miles at 12 min/mile seems pretty darned good to me although I’m not crazy about the 5 plus hour time.  Sometimes I think of the difference between my car and my motorcycle which both had nearly the same horsepower but, my car is kind of slow and my motorcycle was excessively fast.  The difference?  Weight.

Take these same legs which can propel a 260 lbs man a mile in 10 min 41 seconds and put those legs in a 212 lb body …I should be much faster!

The difference between 260 and 212 is 48 lbs which, is the same as three 16 lb bowling balls.  I still have a lot of extra weight I’m hauling around.  I would like to hit Nov 1st at 216.2 or below, that would represent a weight loss of 100 lbs for the year.  (6.25 bowling balls)

Another mind racing thought was to set up rows of 8 water bottles per row in my refrigerator and to make sure I drink and entire rows worth of water each day.  The bottles I have are 16.9 ounces so 8 of them equals 135.2 ounces.  As a general rule of thumb we always advocated for our patients to drink half their bodyweight in ounces so, if i weigh 260 lbs, then half of that is 130 and that’s the number of ounces of water I should be drinking per day, 130 ounces.  Obviously a person into heaving training and sweating a lot could, and probably should drink even more but, I have to make sure i am drinking no less.  This will be a good adjunct to my training and I just need to make it happen.

OK – Karate – Run – Read, what’s this all about?
It’s how I’d like to spend my mornings.  Ideally, I’d like to be at the park at 6 a.m. practicing each of my karate katas or, as many as I can fully remember, at least once.  Then I do my prescribed run, then I read.  I think 40 some odd blogs ago I mentioned reading at the park after my runs but it hasn’t happened yet.  I’d like to be able to post something like the following in Instagram.

 2014-07-02 07.54.18

I suppose the biggest hang-up I have about this notion is looking like a weirdo at the park while doing my katas.  But, I also visualize and think about myself testing for black belt a lot and it’s going to take a lot of effort to make that happen.  There’s very little chance of being promoted if I’m only attending class 3 days per week.  I could continue to go for the next 10 years and not be promoted if there isn’t improvement in my katas.

The payoffs could be enormous.  It would be nice to get to the park every weekday, Monday through Friday and I could sneak in small 1.5 mile runs around the park (1 lap) just to get the blood flowing and maybe devote extra time to reading.  I think I can fumble through 6 katas today, as if anyone would know if I’m doing them wrong.

I wonder if this is how I operate?  When I get used to something and it finally gets comfortable I raise the bar a bit.  That’s kind of what happened with my previous job before school.  I got comfortable.  For one of the first times in my life, I only had to work one job to make ends meet.  I was saving money at the rate of about $1,500 per month (which made it very easy to rationalize buying a motorcycle) but with that I could see more in the ways of opportunity and potential.  This is my 13th straight week of adhering to my marathon training schedule.  The park is a good classroom and I just need to stick with it.  …need to stop procrastinating and get to it.  Karate, Run, Read then work, then work again.


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