W12D3 – New Shoes – Week 10 Weigh-In

  • W12D3 – Week 12, Day 3 Run
  • New Shoes!
  • Week 10 Weigh-In
  • Part III Boards

W12D3 – Week 12, Day 3 Run
This was a 3 mile run and for the first two miles I did 0.25 mile intervals alternating between running faster than normal and walking.  The last mile was 0.10 mile intervals alternating between running and walking.  The miles timed at 14:09, 14:01 and 14:18.

In May, the average time of my fastest training miles was 14:04 and for June the average for my fastest miles is 14:23 so, every one of those interval miles I did was faster than my average for this month.

Looking at my spreadsheet and comparing the metrics from last month to this month I see very little in the way of improvement and several metrics have regressed.  I really don’t know why.  For last week and this week, my total miles are now over 15 per week and last month I never exceeded the 10 mile range so, that’s something.  I added my weekly weigh-in measurements to the spreadsheet to see if I could find a correlation thinking maybe I was faster at my lighter weights.  I do have two sub 13 minute miles with a bodyweight under 254 and one sub 13 at a weight of 259.8 …there’s nothing really conclusive – just looking for any reasons to help make sense of it all.  I guess this is where faith and trust in the program comes back into play.  In July my monthly miles will double so, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

New Shoes!
Friday was a heck of a productive day.  I went to Big River Running Company to pick up my race packet for Saturday’s 1 mile run and found they were having their once a year blow-out sale under a tent in front of the store.

 2014-06-28 00.12.05 - Copy

In the past I’ve gotten Brooks Adrenaline running shoes for around $100 but I always noticed the Brooks Glycerin shoes and passed because they ran $140.  This tent sale had one pair left in my size for 50 bucks.  They also had a pair of New Balance shoes which tend to fit my feet which retailed for $135 but were also priced at $50.  Also, since they didn’t have my size t-shirt for the Saturday run I got a coupon for an additional $10 off and ended up getting both pair of shoes for $90!  That’s the best deal on shoes I’ve ever gotten in my life 🙂  I’m planning on wearing the Brooks Glycerin for my 1 mile run on Sat and the more colorful, New Balance shoes for my 5k on Sunday.

Week 10 Weigh-In
Not much has changed here.  258.6 is my weight this week.  I still have 4 full months before the marathon along with some vastly increased mileage so, I’ll be patient and see what happens.

Week n - 2nd 12 Week Session Week 8 - Copy (3)


Part III Boards
Going well.  I got my application filled out, notarized, passport photo, cashier’s check and hand delivered it to the school today.

The stuff below are just things I was trying to keep track of.  I do have a Macklind Mile Playlist of songs I’ll use …well, in about 8 hours from now….  The last song starts at 9:49 so I’ll do the best I can picking up the speed from that point to the end of the race.  The song Girlfriend has a bit of an intro before the music starts so it should be going by the time I hit the starting line.  The fastest mile I’ve had in training is 12:44 so, anything under that ….well, nothing to write home about but, I’ve gotta start somewhere.


packet pickup Friday 6/27, 10am-4pm – Big River Running- South City,
5352 Devonshire, Saint Louis, MO 63109 314.832.2400 

park at Macklind & Devonshire or Buder School at Wherry & Macklind

I’m in Event One which starts at 8 a.m.

Macklind Mile Playlist: 4 songs totalling 14:01 with 4th song starting at 9:49

  • Girlfriend
  • Ooh La La
  • Macklind Mile Theme
  • Neutron Dance

packet pickup Saturday 6/28, 12pm-5pm – at the St Louis Frontrunners booth in Athletes Village on the grounds of the Pride Festival

  • complete application with passport photo
  • bank, deposit and get money order
  • school to turn in Part III application
  • devonshire to pick up race packet for Sat Macklind Mile
  • work at 4
  • Sat, leave at 6 for race
  • run mile
  • cut grass
  • packet pick up downtown st louis for Pride 5k
  • work at 5
  • Sun, leave for race at 5:30 a.m.
  • race

money order for part III boards, passport photo, application, notarized, submit to logan
work, sleep, run, cut grass, packet pickup for 5k, work at 5, sleep, run, work at 5, clean office



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