Macklind Mile

This was probably one of my favorite races and could easily be the most fun.

2014-06-28 07.38.47 2014-06-28 07.31.18 2014-06-28 07.26.40

 There course is marked every quarter mile along with clocks showing the split time at each quarter mile interval.  The best part is that you can see the finish before you even get to the 3/4 mile sign 🙂

2014-06-28 08.19.03 2014-06-28 08.17.50 2014-06-28 08.19.46

I finished in a time of 10:53.  My first half mile split was 5:43 and the 2nd half was 5:10 🙂
Overall, I finished 262nd out of 375 and was 131st out of 174 Men which is the best I’ve ever done in a race.  I’m usually in the last 10% of racers.

2014-06-28 08.22.12 2014-06-28 09.10.40-4 2014-06-28 08.20.31

Smoothie King and Pabst Blue Ribbon were among the major sponsors and there was a neat looking place called The Mack Bar & Grill.  I think it would have been very easy to have made a really fun day kicking off with the Macklind Mile, plenty of beer, lots of people and a live band.

2014-06-28 08.19.09 2014-06-28 09.22.072014-06-28 08.18.52 2014-06-28 08.19.55 2014-06-28 09.10.40-1

After the recreational event I ran in there was a Men’s Competitive Race, a Women’s Competitive Race then the Elite Race which had 5 men and 5 women.  Pictured below is the first place winner of the Elite competition who finished with a time of 4:08.  The fifth and final event was the Kids Quarter Mile Dash and each kid received a ribbon 🙂

2014-06-28 09.10.39-12014-06-28 09.10.40-22014-06-28 09.10.40-3

The street party then continued until noon.  I had a lawn to cut for some extra cash so I took off shortly after the awards ceremony.  My post run/lawn cutting routine here is to soak my feet in an ice-bath, combined with a beer and Coconut Water.

2014-06-28 12.22.29

I don’t think I’ve broken any bones in my feet but things have gone from simple hurt to kind of painful and I do think it’s the bones – metatarsals mainly.  I’m thinking of Wolff’s law which implies that if a bone undergoes stress it will adapt to that stress and eventually become stronger.


I’m thinking the Medial Longitudinal Arch, particularly in my right foot is the one undergoing the most amount of stress along w/ the anterior portion of the Lateral Transverse Arch in my left foot which, kind of makes sense that the two are both on the left sides of my feet.

I’m opting to pick up my race packet for tomorrow’s 5k in the morning.  I’ll be working tonight until at least 12:30 and need to be up by 5 a.m.   ….so, since my beer is gone and feet are frozen, I’ll be taking a nap until it’s time to head to work in a few hours 🙂


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