W12D2 – What’s Good Today?

I’m really excited for these next couple of weekends coming up.  There’s a really cool video for the Macklind Mile that can be seen here –> http://youtu.be/EWq_TEhfB9I (link will open in new window) and….if I did this right you should be able to click on the picture below to see the video on YouTube 🙂

 Macklind Mile Video Pic

I think I’m going to add the background music from this video to my play list.  I also got another cool song from Goldfrapp called Ooh La La that I like.

I deactivated my facebook account several months ago.  I’m not posting platitudes on facebook with nothing behind them – I’m living them.  I’m learning them and discovering new ones every day.

I want to find good things about my 2nd run of Week 12.  I do believe if we can’t appreciate what we have then there isn’t much reason to think we’d be happier with more.

One good thing is I didn’t fret over todays run.  There have been days in the past where I’ve literally spent all day thinking about my upcoming run – literally 8 hours of on the mind pondering for a 40 minute run so…maybe my mind is getting stronger and being conditioned to handle this new aspect of life I’m forcing in.

SLEEP! – Holy Cow – I’ve been out & asleep for some 8 hours at a time.  That’s something that’s pretty new in my life since 4-5 hours has been my max so I’m thinking there are good things going on there.

I made a fresh pot of coffee after waking today but drank a liter bottle of Poweraid, got dressed, shoes laced up and headed out to the park – that was a very good think – no procrastination, no hesitation, just moving & living.

Another cool part of today’s run was that my 4 mile split time was 4 minutes and 32 seconds faster than last week’s 4 mile time.  I’ll take that any day of the week.

I also had my own version of faster quarter mile runs.  By my own version I mean 1/10th of a mile at a time instead of 1/4 of a mile.  My four pace times were 9:02, 8:17, 10+, 10:02.  I can’t fully remember them all except the first and last one.  They felt good.

Gotta run & get to work, it’s been Go, Go, Go today.  Also thinking of trying a delayed post, maybe trying something new and scheduling this to be put up at 4 a.m. tomorrow morning, perhaps add a little more regularity to my post. 😉

Well….I screwed up and went to work an hour earlier than I should have

So far this week I have

1 Masonic meeting – went very well
2 Running Workouts
1 Karate workout
1 Lifting workout

Part III Boards – Hotels are booked, days off from work done, called NBS and am registered for Part II, III and PT reviews at all three locations.  Random non-structured reading has made up the bulk of my studies so far.  That will have to get more structured.  So much material – thank God for board reviews.

Work – pretty much every day but, I’ll have some time off during the 4th of July weekend and am looking at possibly sneaking in another 5k on the morning of the 4th.  There’s also a 5k on the morning of the 5th of July but am not sure I want to hang around the area the extra day to run it or to spend the extra money – we’ll see.

OK – let’s talk about Karate since it fits into my Trifecta plans.  I realized today while Jogging that I can hit Trifecta days of running, lifting and karate at least 4 days per week whether I’m at the gym for karate or not.  I have plenty of katas I need to practice and become good at in order to eventually get my black belt and I also have a bench and enough dumbbells to put in a decent workout right here at home.

I think I may thrive from a bit of intensity and that’s exactly what karate and lifting provide.  I think this because of how easily I was able to get things done today after a day consisting of all three type workouts.

2013-04-02_20-43-47_165 - Copy

The medium pic was too small to see any detail.  The first thing I notice here is the time it takes to get all the way up to 1st Kyu – that’s the level right before black belt.  I’m at 3rd Kyu right now and ….yes, I’ve been at Karate off and on for some 32 plus years now but, this is the real deal.  It’s not sport karate which is about getting points, …well, I might get into what it’s really about in a later post, if ever.

In the 42 years my Sensei has been teaching karate there’s only about 68 he’s promoted all the way to black belt, it’s another one of those top 1% type of things.  idk, it does require a bit of a constitution as well as a pragmatic aspect of availability to make the workouts.

To get to first kyu requires proficiently knowing all 10 of our basic katas.  To get first degree black belt ….



There is no other rank which requires so many katas to be performed as that of 1st degree black belt.  All 10 basic katas and then 2 advanced fighting katas known as kata Ananku and kata Wankan.  These are the kinds of katas which have historical value and some go back …geez, to the 15 or 1600s (I’ll check to be certain)

Yakasoku Kumite is prearranged sparring.  The book written by our grand master shows 7 of them but an 8th one does exist.  I guess the point here is that I can practice these katas on every day that I run whether I have a formal karate class or not.

I have some very special stuff planned for the time when I test for my black belt.  I’ve already requested that my parents be present and I would also like for my brother and his family to be there as well.  It’s a big deal to me and will also be an opportunity to pay special respect to my parents.

The requirements for 5th degree black belt have been crossed out because now anything beyond 4th degree has to be tested in Okinawa, Japan.


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