Corrections for Bob – Vietnam Vet

In a previous blog I mentioned a patient of my brother’s who was taking over 200 prescribed pills a day and cut that number down to around 50 after seeing my brother for chiropractic care.

I spent a significant amount of time with my Dad and brother tonight (Cards vs Washington baseball game) and after the game we talked a lot and I have a much more accurate recount of an amazing Vietnam veteran named Bob.

This was in the mid 2000’s, maybe around 2008 when my brother’s wife took over main operations at Vitalize Chiropractic.  They had an ad in the paper which generally stated, “Let Our Office Be Your New Hope”

Bob saw that ad.

Bob had to have one of his lungs removed due to his exposure to Agent Orange in vietnam, he also had such bad pain in his legs that the only solution his doctors had for him was to severe his spinal cord around L4.

L4 is at your lower back and the nerves that come out of that region and below go to, among other places …. your legs.  So his option was to have his nerves cut and voluntarily become paralyzed from the waist down.  He wouldn’t be able to walk any more but, that was the last option he was given to get out of pain.

Bob was at the point of committing suicide and on his birthday he received a letter informing him that a good friend of his from the war actually did commit suicide.

Given the choices between killing himself, becoming paralyzed or checking out this ad that said let our office be your new hope …. he decided to check out the chiropractic route.

By the time Bob made it into my brother’s office his life consisted of taking 57 different prescription medications which amounted to 221 pills every day of his life.  After receiving adjustments from my brother and his wife for one year, Bob was down to 28 medications and less than 110 pills per day.

That’s a little better than a 50% reduction both in the number of medications and pills not to mention the fact that he was out of pain enough that he thwarted other doctors recommendations to have his spinal cord cut to get him out of pain which meant he was still walking.

Due to all the medications, his driving was impaired at times and at one time he did get pulled over and arrested for impaired driving.

Bob went to court and fought for one thing.  He fought to be allowed to drive to his chiropractors office, that was the only thing he asked for.  After telling his story to the judge and explaining his life changing results, he was granted the right to drive to my brother’s office to get adjusted, only to my brother’s office and only during daylight hours.

There’s a lot of stories like Bobs out there.  The lady I helped with hypervagal tone was my first exposure to these kinds of benefits with chiropractic.  These are people who suffered decades before experiencing relief.

Can you imagine losing your right to drive and having the one thing you fight for to be going to see your chiropractor?  It kind of shows also the respect that must be given to our men and women in the armed forces and especially to our veterans.  On one hand you could consider yourself lucky to make it through a war alive but, here’s a guy that did then spent most of the remainder of his life after serving his country suffering up until the point he started getting regular adjustments.

For any readers not familiar with chiropractic you should probably know that it takes one additional year of schooling to become a DC (chiropractor) than it does to become an MD and there are no shortage of pushes to get chiropractic absorbed in with the traditional medical professions much as already happened with osteopaths (DO’s)

But, there are some things traditional medicine isn’t able to fix.  Anyway, that’s the correction and update pertaining to Bob.  The exact numbers of medications and pills both before and after a year of treatment is something I wasn’t fully accurate with in my previous post and, a lot of the other details I shared were just learned tonight.

Bob did finally pass away on July 21st, 2012.  One of Bob’s daughters called my brother to express her gratitude in helping to change his quality of life so dramatically over his final years.   My brother happened to be in Bob’s “top 5” on his phone which is one of the reasons he got contacted.

oh, one other thing I remembered.  My brother also mentioned that prior to his chiropractic treatments, Bob was taking so much liquid morphine to help control his pain that it was enough to kill three grown men.


In other news – the St Louis Cardinals spanked the Washington Nationals tonight by a score of 4 to 1 just as they did by beating them last night by a score of 1 to 0

I do believe Washington was on a bit of a roll before having to face the Cardinals …not unlike Toronto which was on a heck of a roll before having to face the Cardinals and getting spanked as well 😉

2014-06-14 20.48.45 - Copy - Copy

We had a great time and it was a really nice way to kick off Father’s Day with our dad.  I also remembered from my follies the last time we were all at the ballpark and only ordered ONE Crown Royal & 7-up.  There may have been one other crown & 7 waiting for me when I came back from the restroom one time but, that was it and nothing but easy to handle beer after that 😉

Running…. well, last night’s evening run got preempted by the impromptu baseball game and I was signed up for a 5k Father’s Day run which I would need to be at by 6:15 a.m. to pick up my race packet.   …well, the Cardinals probably have a better chance of getting back into the World Series this year than of me getting up in 4 hours …ya never know but, I will get my last official run of week 10 in tomorrow.  Come to think of it, I already did four runs this week since I snuck that extra run in on Tuesday but, that wasn’t really part of the program.

Week 10 ends my runs based on time.  Starting next week, in Week 11, the scheduled runs are all based on miles….


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