W7D2&3 – a 15 Mile Failure and 2.5 Mile Success! + Week 5 Weigh In!

Monday, the first training day of week 7, was a new non-stop jogging time of 20 minutes and that came on the heels of walking 5 miles the night before.

Wednesday, the 2nd training day of week 7, was a bit of a failure in that I went non-stop for 13:46 and fell short of the 20 minute goal but, I still managed to cover the same distance as I did on Monday – 1.5 miles.  I went out too fast and wasn’t able to maintain the pace but, since I did go out so fast I was able to cover the same distance.

Later on Wednesday, after my 1.5 mile run, I went and cut some lawns and by the time the sun went down my fitbit had recorded over 15 miles walked for the day.  Needless to say, I cut a heck of a lot of grass on Wednesday.

Thursday – the 3rd training day of week 7.  My doubtful mind didn’t think I could run for 20 minutes non-stop as prescribed in my training program.  My doubtful mind had all kinds of reasonable excuses for pushing my run off until the next morning.  I was a bit sore and achy from cutting over a half marathon worth of grass the day before.  I *knew* I was a bit dehydrated.  It was the end of the day …blah, blah, blah ……

I went to the park anyway and my 20 minute run turned into 35 minutes and 46 seconds of NonStop jogging!  YeeHaw!!!  🙂

I knew going out too fast on Tuesday burned me out so I had to keep my speed under control and go slower if I wanted any chance at making my 20 minute run tonight.  So, this time I looked at my SportsTracker app to help gauge my speed.  I was on the track at the park.  The first minute of jogging was definitely the hardest.  There were a lot of people at the park and plenty of people on the track and I think my ego was getting the best of me because I was having a hard time slowing down to a pace slow enough to continue jogging for my 20 minutes so, at one point along the trail I was able to veer off into an adjacent neighborhood where it was much easier for me to slow my pace down.  Maybe some people could have walked as fast as I was jogging but, jogging is a much different cadence and form and I was able to keep it up.  I weaved through the blocks of the neighborhood and before I got back to the park trail I had already finished up my 20 minutes.

It was really cool to have a mind go from doubting my abilities before the run to being 18 minutes into the run and telling myself, “I’ve got this”.  At 22 minutes into the run I was wondering how much farther I could go.

I ended up running for 80% longer then the program called for!  Before the run, I was wondering about the 25 minute runs prescribed in the marathon training program for week 8 and wasn’t sure about those but now…. Heck, on the way home, I was starting to acknowledge what had happened.  I remembered that I wanted the mile non-stop, wanted to make the path around the park (1.5 miles) non-stop and also was anticipating and looking forward to my first non-stop hour of jogging.   Then I realized how far I’d come and how that hour of running was legitimately coming into view and within striking distance.

I’m sitting at a red light on my way home then this stuff starts hitting me and I’m thinking, “Holy sh*t!  What the hell happened?”  I was a one minute jogger.  I can run a minute and, when I first started my blog, I wasn’t absolutely positive that I had even run a minute nonstop for sure so I had to get to the park and crank out a 60 second jog just to help legitimize my blog here.

Week 5 Weigh In! – Down 7.8 lbs or 3.0%
Week n - 2nd 12 Week Session - Copy (3)

In week 5 of the contest I was down 15.2% so, …on one hand it’s hard to get too excited about being down 3% but, on the other hand, one purpose of this marathon training was to ensure that my weight didn’t creep back up to where it was when I started this year.  So far, so good.

I had an entire itinerary of things I wanted to talk about in my blog.  Stuff I was going to post yesterday and other stuff today but, I didn’t talk about any of them.  Spotty internet connection is going to force me to post what I’ve got so far and try again tomorrow 🙂


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