Week 6 of 30 Completed :)

This past Saturday we completed Week 6 of the 30 week training program and Sunday was such a nice day that I had to get outside and went for a nice five mile walk to get some extra time on my feet, feel the sun on my face  and beef up my monthly distance.  I got the NikePlus Silver trophy this past Saturday and need 50 miles for the month to get the Gold trophy so, with 8 workouts left in the month I only need 18 more miles or 2.25 miles per workout so I should be taking a screenshot of that gold trophy next week and posting that to Instagram.

My best training partners have been on Instagram.  I get a lot of good feedback and comradeship with some pretty high quality runners from instagram.  I feel like I’m with people who understand the mental battles and one of the best post I saw yesterday was

2014-05-18 15.33.15
Sometimes when I go to the park to run I’ll sit in my car for up to 15 minutes before getting out on the track but, the bigger mental battle would be when I’m at home and just need to get in my car to drive to the park.  I think I touched on the running performance anxiety on another blog but I really think that has to do with more of a character flaw or mental type deficiency.  Nothing really too abnormal but more of the mind yearning for a state of homeostasis and resisting change.  I guess it hasn’t been too much of a problem since I haven’t missed a scheduled training session since I started this current program.

To start week 7, I think I’m going to go out and do my best to adhere to the prescribed 20 minute run and, if I can do it, then I’ll keep trying to adhere to the rest of the week which is simply a total of four 20 minute runs.  If I don’t make the entire 20 minutes then I’ll default to a 45 minute run/walk training session.

I realized that I’m probably doing naturally what is advocated in many of the marathon books I’ve been reading.  Those books talk about cycling the training and pulling back every so often.  The first two workouts last week kicked butt from my perspective and the last two could be considered substandard but, those substandard workouts could be considered as part of the cycling I’ve read about.  I just need to keep it up.  Faith and Trust are still big components of this training program.

I think the four day per week training schedule is a smart and appropriate training program for my current ability and level of fitness.

I have a topic a little more interesting I have had bouncing around in my head lately but not yet fully formed to the point of being able to expand enough on it to post yet.  I’ve been thinking of Mental Nutrition.

Mental Nutrition –
I suppose this line of thinking got its genesis from some of the reading I’ve been doing about various electrolytes in the body.  Sodium and Potassium are probably some of the best known but Chloride and Phosphates have a high presence as well in the human body.  For men, about 60% of the body is comprised of fluids (slightly less for women due to muscle differences, say 55%) but, of the portion of the body that is fluid about 2/3rds of that fluid is Intracellular fluid (ICF) and is found within the cells of the body and 1/3rd is found outside the cells of the body which we refer to as Extracellular fluid (ECF)  Of that 1/3rd found outside the cells, about 80% of that is found in the space between the cells with the remaining 20% being found in our blood plasma.
Sodium (Na) is mostly found in that extracellular fluid outside the cells and Potassium (K) tends to mostly be found inside the cells.  When we ingest too much salt (NaCl) we might notice we get “puffy” that is because extra fluid is drawn to the interstitial fluid, for instance in that space between the muscles and the skin.  Without adequate hydration that extra fluid can come from the cells, like …our muscle cells for instance and that is one of the last thing an athlete would want.

From my days of competitive lifting, one thing I remember clearly is that water is more important than sleep in terms of performance.  Staying up all night before a meet wasn’t nearly as devastating as not being hydrated properly.

Mental Nutrition – Hopes & Beliefs
How do we sometimes use our imagination?  I think sometimes people use their imagination to help instill order into their lives.  To make sense of mental discords we can tell ourselves various stories and fill in any gaps (whether we see those gaps or not) with whatever makes sense to us.

…this is sort of a backwards reconstruction going on here….

with Hope & Beliefs – I wonder about a constant hunger or underlying presence or need for such things.  Some nutrients like Vitamin A or some B vitamins can be stored in the liver and be available for many months without ingestion of those nutrients but, where is hope stored?

What do we tell ourselves and what do we perceive to absorb hope into our lives?  It’s as if we have to tell ourselves stories or perceive something positive that we can believe about ourselves or our future in order to restore hope.

I was trying to take notes from a Disney film I watched the other day called Saving Mr Banks
storytellers restore hope, again and again and again
we instill order with imagination, we restore hope …again and again and again

Then, I figure a constant underlying hunger persist and can swell up with hope when we choose to let it in.

For the most part, the 6 weeks of training I have accomplished so far and the ensuing 24 weeks of training which remain are legs which can help hold up a table of belief.  Every additional training session attained provides extra support to the table of belief.  We might think of our daily actions as the storage container for which hope might breed.

20 minute runs –
I would really like to be able to complete 20 minutes of non-stop running as dictated by my training program for today.  16:08 is my best non-stop run so far.  Gotta figure that was a good day and enough stars were aligned just so in order to help make it happen or …to make that running jaunt as easy as possible.  I think there is something mental in my head.  I wonder why I switch from jogging to running.  Exactly what is the catalyst?  My breathing might be heavier and labored but it’s not like I just sprinted, it’s just a jog.  I think my mind just starts freaking out at breaking into this new territory.  I have to keep the head calm in order to allow the body to follow through with what it’s capable of doing.

I’m recalling once again that running class I had at a local university some 20 years ago.  I remember the teacher/coach saying if you want to run longer then run slower.  The cadence isn’t a whole lot different between walking and a slow jog and, as I recall from my Nashville half marathon there was a lady who zipped by me with a very fast walking pace while I was at a slow jog.

Mentally, this is my four minute barrier right now.  I want to be able to blog that I did 20 minutes of running non-stop.  This is a very important leg to get under my belief table right now.  I think it’s either Hal Higdon or Galloway that advocates walking during runs but, I’ve done this before.  Running an hour non-stop is something I’ve done before.  Running 20 miles straight is something I’ve done before.  I want to be able to do those things again.  I would like to perform better at this upcoming marathon then I did 20 years ago.  The main difference right now is some age and a slightly heavier body.

Sometimes, I realize that my training is good and I will eventually reach all my objectives.  Putting things within the constraints of time is what makes it all interesting.  November 1st, 2014.


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