Week 6, Day 3 and Week 4 Weigh-In

Ever since I was in grade school, probably by 5th grade, I knew when I got older that I never wanted to be one of those guys that came home from work, sat back in a recliner and watched television with a beer resting on a beer belly.  I hated that thought and never wanted to be like that.  As fate would have it, I do NOT have a recliner nor do I have cable television and I rarely have beer in the fridge.  The beer belly part we are still working on and that leads us to the Week 4 weigh-in which shows a drop of an additional 1.6 lbs or being down about 2.4% since restarting my 2nd 12 week session of weight loss.  Honestly, I haven’t been doing a whole lot in terms of watching my diet or anything.  For the most part, I’ve been making sure that my weight isn’t dropping too much too fast because a drop of 4 or 5 lbs in a day most certainly means a loss of fluids and dehydration.  The fitbit I wear on my wrist tracks my calorie expenditure and some days those calories burned are pushing 5,000 so, what I’ve eaten hasn’t mattered too much in terms of keeping my weight down.

Something else I knew in grade school was that I wanted to emulate several facets of my grandpa’s life.  He was like the center of a wheel with many spokes emanating out from him.  Him and my grandma made up the hub of that wheel and my dad was one of the 10 main spokes as he was the oldest of the 10 children my grandparents had.  Below is my wallpaper with cropped images of the scale I use and my marathon training program in the lower right hand corner.  The remaining pictures consist of my grandpa.  On July 7th, 1935 he was 17 years old.  The picture in the lower left corner is him at the age of 10, 1928, at an orphanage.  The middle picture is grandpa, third from the left along with 3 of his brothers.
Week n - 2nd 12 Week Session
I may have a preoccupation with performance and I’m not sure if that’s a totally good thing or not.  After my 4th workout of week 6 comes week 7 training which consist of 20 minute non-stop runs for all 4 of the week’s workouts.  I’m close but probably not quite there yet.  I could use more of a foundation and more conditioning.  If I push ahead by adding another 5 minutes to the run/walk routing then I’ll be getting in 45 minutes, 4 days per week and a part I like about that is to be virtually guaranteed a good 3 miles per day of training or 12 miles for the week.  From everything I’ve read, a person needs to be training a minimum of 35 miles per week in order to complete a marathon and more, up to around 75 miles a week to do more than just finish.  I’ll still have 24 weeks left of training after this week.  That divides nicely by three and gives me 3, 8-week training sessions left.  ….kind of thinking out loud here.  If I could add 12 miles every 8 weeks then I could jump to 24 in 8 weeks, hit 36 after the next 8 weeks and be at 48 by the end of the last 8 weeks.

However, if the miles were equal jumps of 12 in each session, that would mean an increase of 100% in the first 8 weeks, an increase of 50% in the 2nd eight weeks and an increase of 33% in the last 8 weeks ….which isn’t smart training.
If I did increases in mileage of 6, 12 and 18 then ….let’s see ….
12 to 18 (an increase of 6 miles) would be an increase of 50% over 8 weeks
18 to 30 (an increase of 12 miles) would be an increase of 66%
30 to 46 (an increase of 16 miles) would be an increase of 53%

50, 66 and 53 is a little more balanced than increases of 100, 50, 33 …..

But – maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.  I still need to be able to jog 20 minutes non-stop and I’m still 3:52 away from that goal.

Wednesday was my Kapow!  workout when I more than doubled my previous best 7:30 non-stop run with a run of 16:08.  I can feel it in my legs, they were very sore and tender to the touch.  My TFL’s (tensor fascia lata) was very sore and painful upon palpation.  I know my left calf muscles were very sore from and during my Kapow! run but, that’s just muscle and I can deal with that.  It’s the joint, meniscus, ligaments, tendons and even the fascial coverings of the muscles that concern me, maybe even periosteum, the fascia like covering of the bones which can be pulled away from the bone.  Tendons and ligaments can attach to this bone covering called an enthesis.

by the way – not every muscle in the body is connected to a bone at both ends.  There’s a very cool set up in the foot where you have a muscle that actually attaches to another muscle!  very cool set up.  it ensures that your toes flex along a straight line instead of being pulled off to the side when you flex your toes.

anyway, I’ve got some time to think about this.

Karate was very cool this morning and I got to help teach a self defense class which was put on for the public and open to everyone.  We had a good crowd.  At the end of the class I participated in performing 3 different kata’s for our guest and …yes, I did have stage fright.  I’m not used to performing my katas in front of a crowd of strangers but, it was good training.

I had an interview with a guy named Steve (gotta remember that) for a job no more than 1/2 mile from home!  Yahoo!  🙂
Pushing a lawnmower 10-15 miles a day is exhausting and I could really use a bit of a break.  Even this past Thursday when I tried cutting back I still ended up with over 8.6 miles of walking for the day and that was with zero training.

I was supposed to run on Thursday but by the time I finished my lawns I needed to meet up with the family for a nice dinner out then had to finish up my jobs with some computer type work.  I finally got my run in Friday evening and from a performance perspective it was dismal and nothing to write home about.  From a long term perspective – a macro view – ….well, who knows.  The important thing is it got done.  Since my program is only 4 days per week, it was easy to make Fri/Sat my back to back run days instead of Wed/Thur.  I covered 2.4 miles in my allocated 40 minutes so, much of it was leisurely.  I was driving back from my parents house on the way to the park and passed by a local community college which has a really nice trail set up and liked the idea of running there but, was viewing the park as my gym and the place I needed to be.  Had I known my run was going to be so dismal anyway then I would have stopped at the college trail.

It’s hard to tell if I’m overtraining.  I know one way to tell if a person is overtraining is to take their pulse first thing in the morning and record the rate.  If there is a jump in that rate then it could be from overtraining.

I know I could have ran earlier in the day on Thursday but my mind abhorred that idea which made me wonder if an inherent laziness or perhaps a resistance to change was the overriding force or, if my body was legitimately fatigued so much that the mind was acting more as a protective mechanism.  I think in this instance the body was legitimately fatigued and part of the reason I say that is prior to the run last night I did palpate round my greater trochanter (lateral side of the femur or leg bone) and it was painful to touch.  It really hurt a lot and mostly on the right side where I’ve had the tight piriformis issues.

On the plus side, after the 2.4 miles my thighs were no longer as tender.  That makes me wonder if I should try augmenting my 4 days per week of training with some lighter walking/jogging on my days off to help keep everything loose.  Alternatively, I’ve thought of adding a week where I drop back my time.  I mainly think this due to the training programs I’ve studied and how they cycle up for a few weeks then drop back in intensity for a week or two in kind of a 3 steps forward, 2 steps back type of routine.

I have to say, there have been days where my mind has fought me from getting to the park and it wasn’t so much laziness as performance anxiety.  Just knowing how much I had to push last time and not knowing if I would be able to perform at that level again for the very next run.  In a way, however, this could be a clever way for the mind to help keep me from changing and to help maintain the status quo and what I’ve been used to for my entire life.

I have two quotes which seem to exemplify this mental dichotomy.


I suppose both of these concepts have been true throughout my life to one degree or another but I do know, hope and pray that I will be in the process of doing something when I die and not laying in a bed or infirmed in any way.  That is my thinking now anyway …and has been for a very long time.







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