Week 5, Day 3 Run & Weekly Weigh In

Weight is down 2.6 pounds since last week’s weigh-in for a loss of 1.77% since starting this 2nd 12 week weight loss session.  Since the beginning of the year, I’m down 60.8 pounds.  Beyond the fact that another 10 years had passed since my last marathon, I also needed to do something in order to make sure the weight that was lost during the Lose to Win contest was not only maintained but, improved upon.  Pictured below is my current wallpaper which helps keep me focused …or, at least it did during the contest.  
Competition does make a difference.  In the contest, I was down 41 pounds or 12.97% in week 3 but, that was a contest and the first and last week of that type of a contest consist of a lot of fake weight loss which includes things like eating a lot and drinking a lot of water before the initial weigh in then dehydrating yourself in the last few days before the final weigh in.  During my last weigh in I went into my weigh-in site at noon and weighed in at 248.6 pounds.  I told the lady who weighed me that I would come back in a few hours and wanted to weigh in again.  I went to the park and started walking – still not consuming a drop of water for the day then went back in and had a final weigh in of 244.2 lbs.  A loss of 4.4 pounds in about 3 hours.  This 12 week session is much more legitimate.  

Something interesting to note is that my waist last week, at a bodyweight of 258 was 1.5 inches smaller than when I weighed 244.2.

Today’s run came on the heels of cutting over an acre of grass.  From what I understand an acre is about 80 yards of a football field.  Today I cut the entire field.  🙂  

For the most part, I’m sore.  kind of all over sore.  arms from karate, right hip, knees, left foot.  all those parts want me to know about them.  I’m going to need to keep aware of my adductors and right piriformis muscle.  The adductors or …hell, maybe abductors, not sure which but, they get sore after about 10 miles on my feet.  The right piriformis muscle is very tight and I think external femoral rotation is restricted.  I have started stretching and think I’ll need to take advantage of my brother’s hot tub.  I don’t actually remember the last time I ever took a bath except when I was very little and used to fit in the bathtub with my brother but, I’ll need to take some extra measures to help keep myself from breaking.  

Regardless, I got another 2.4 miles in tonight.  No grass cutting tomorrow, I’ll be at our local Air Force Base as part of a health fair they have going on and I’ll be using surface EMG’s to measure nervous system activity emanating from the cervical spine.  That type of tool isn’t necessarily critical from a chiropractic perspective but it is a great teaching tool for the patient since it allows them to see any potential nerve interference.  

Better wrap this up, it’s late and I need to get up early tomorrow. 


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