Week 5/30, Day 1/4 – Music – NBCE – Vision

Week 5 –
This was a pretty great workout with a couple PR’s for me.  During my first running interval I kept to the plan I mentioned in my last blog and intentionally kept my pace no faster than 12min/mile – it worked great and I was able to jog non-stop for 7:30!  That’s a 50% improvement over my last longest non-stop run of 5 minutes.  I think I also covered about 0.6 miles during that time which would be another best for me this year.  I forgot to keep my pace down during subsequent runs and generally ended up dipping below a 10min/mile pace however, many of my interval jogs were still at about 1:20 which was double the amount of time I did many of my running intervals at the previous weeks Nashville Half Marathon.

There were a few things I did differently during this run to try and help myself out.  First of all, I made sure I got my run in early in the morning before I cut a bunch of lawns.  I think this helped a lot.  Secondly, the night before, I noticed my weight had dropped a little too much, too quickly so I had some pasta and drank a lot of water to help replenish myself both in terms of hydration and glycogen levels.  The last difference was I got a new set of ear buds so I was able to listen to music on my smartphone while running, that was kind of fun.  🙂

Music –
I was thinking of adding another tab or page to this blog for a music playlist that I might use during my full marathon in November.

NBCE stands for National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and they have a series of 5 exams – Parts I, II, III, IV and PT a chiropractor needs to pass in order to get their license.  I managed to pass Parts I, II and PT while still in chiro school but still need to pass Part III to get a license in Illinois and I’ll need to also pass Part IV in order to practice in any other state.

The results for the Part III exam I took back in March finally came back yesterday and I failed.  On my previous attempt I scored around a 290, which is really dismal but did a bit better this time with a score of 340.  A score of 375 is needed to pass.  I kind of knew I should have started studying in January or, soon after I graduated this past December but, I didn’t.  I simply need to put in more work and effort in order to pass.  In one way, I am following in my brother’s footsteps.  He also graduated in December about 18 or so years ago and failed the March exam but did pass that following September so, that’s what I’ll do as well 🙂  Talk about trying to follow in somebody’s footsteps, I actually have the same personalized license plate on my car that he had when he was in chiro school.

I have about 4 months to prepare for the next exam opportunity in September.  I’ll need to get signed up for that exam soon, contact people from the National Board Specialist (NBS) who have been allowing me to retake their board reviews at no charge since I already paid initially and haven’t passed.  They’ve been great and I’ll do my best to take all the reviews I can before the next exam.

I suppose, for the next few months, this might turn into a bit of a medical/running blog.

Vision –
One very cool thing that happened during my last run pertained to a couple visions I had while running.  In one of these visions it was like there was a dirty window pane in front of me and every time I hit the park and did one of my training sessions it was like taking a cloth and wiping away some of the dirt and grime from that window pane.  During this last run, enough grime was wiped away that I could see a vision of myself through that window the way I needed to be in order to complete the upcoming full marathon.  It was kind of exciting to see that person and I could tell that a belief was starting to form in my mind that I could actually be the person I’m working towards becoming, a person that’s going to complete those 26.2 miles the best I’ve ever done before in my life.  🙂  🙂  🙂


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