Nashville Country Music Marathon

I wasn’t sure where to start so I threw some pictures up that I had shrunk down after the run.  The first picture on the left is from an Instagram user called @12thbraod.  I was beyond the horizon in that picture.  I think coral #23 was around the top of that hill, I was in #37 out of 40.  The time I got in this half was 7:55 faster than the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon (LPHM) I ran on April 5th.  The really cool part was the 6.9 miles after the 10k split.  I was actually slower on the first 10k of the Nashville run but 8 minutes and 41 seconds faster on the remaining 6.9 miles.  I stuck with doing my five minute run/walk intervals throughout the entire race but, instead of only doing 6 five minute intervals like I did today in training, I did 38 five minute intervals, the majority of them consisted of 0:40 seconds of running followed by 4:20 walking.  It was pretty cool because most everyone else was walking the last half of the race and I kept breaking into those 40 second runs and passing people, lots of people and I was able to keep doing it all the way to the end.  

During the LPHM I ran very little except for the last 0.1 miles at the end and barely made it across the finish line.  My legs seized up and had to hobble over to the medical tent where they iced up my anterior quads proximal to my knees but, I got to walk proudly after the Nashville run 🙂  The selfie I took below was around 4:30 or 5 a.m. at a Motel 6 up in Goodlettesville.  I was a little surprised at having $10 tax added on to a $44 room since that equates to a 22.7% tax.  The nice lady who checked me in said everybody got their cut in that area but they use the money for good.  After looking around the area I would have to agree since everything was so neat and clean.  There were a couple of blind runners in the corral right in front of me which I had never seen before.  

Below is a post race selfie, and one of the many groups of people who cheered along the route.  The mile marker 9 was interesting because when I originally took the picture I didn’t notice the girl in the picture much less the fact that she only had one leg.

I think the Nashville CMM is probably one of the best races for people running in their first half marathon since there are so many people.  I was never without a crowd of people around throughout the entire race and that usually doesn’t happen.  

Today I started Week 4 of my 26 week marathon training and those 26 weeks don’t even start until next Monday so I am happy about the little bit of a jump I’m able to get on my training program.  Weeks 5 & 6 consist of 35 minute run/walk sessions so I’ll break those up into seven 5 minute run/walk intervals.  I may add an additional week or two to help transition into the next phase of the training which starts out with 20 solid minutes of running.  I might need the extra conditioning to be able to accomplish that feat.  I was thinking using some of the addition time I’ve gained on the program to add a week or two of 40 minute run/walk sessions and maybe using 10 minute run/walk intervals that opens the door up to running more than a minute or two at a time, while still allowing ample time for recovery.  Just playing it by ear right now and sticking to the program but, after Week 6, I might add a Week 6.5 unless I happen to amaze myself before then and can run a solid 20 minutes 🙂

I get a little dismayed when I read articles talking about taking 6 months to a year to build up a foundation before training for a marathon.  My NikePlus awarded me a badge for being active 6 straight weeks and before I started using my NikePlus and Sports Tracker I was working at getting in 5 miles a day of walking as tracked by my fitbit which I wear on my wrist and tracks every step I take throughout the day.  I liked the fitbit because it helped make certain smaller changes matter such as parking as far away as possible when going to Wal-Mart and other places like that.  So, I had maybe 3 or 4 months of very low intensity foundation building before I started keeping track of my runs then 3 weeks in the books now with the training program from

I also found some other really cool runners.  One guy here on wordpress writes a blog called and he’s a 235 pounder with some really great times.  One of his last half marathon times I read about was 2:12 and that may have been for  the Midsouth Championship run down in Wynne Arkansas last year.  Basically, my half marathon time minus an hour which means this guy is running around 10 minute miles.  That’s kind of a goal of mine.  I know if I can run 10 minute miles then I can hit a marathon time of 4:22:00 and, if I can run 9:55 per mile then I believe I would come in under 4:20 which would be really cool.  I know I have a book in the other room is devoted to running a sub 4 hour marathon and I might look at it but, for right now, I think I have a smart program which will help keep me from any overtraining and possibly injuring myself.  I just need to stick to it and be patient.  

Another runner I found on Instagram goes by the name of @MatthewabitbolRacing and he’s purported to have lost 100 lbs, ran 40 marathons with a PR of 2:54:18 and 53 half marathons with a PR of 1:21:48

That 235 lb guy is really inspiration to me.  It really helps give some extra value and something tangible to shoot for while continuing to drop weight.  Which reminds me, I still need to get my weight posted.  During the 12 week contest when I dropped 72 pounds, I took a picture of the scale at each weekly weigh in then cropped out the weight and kept track of my weight each week and made like a collage which I used as wallpaper on my computer.  
yeah – hmmm.  anyway, what’s above was my wallpaper and it helped to keep me on track.  I think I only had one weight gain in week 7 of 5 pounds but dropped 10 the following week.  I did another initial weigh to start another 12 week session on my own a couple weeks ago and was at 260 lbs which, is about where I figured I would end up.  The following week I was at 262.8 which is an increase of a little over 1%.  and a weight check after running Nashville was 254 but mainly due to dehydration.  I believe I was 258 this morning.  I need to get my new wallpaper up and posted here since I don’t have a contest to help motivate me and I still need to drop some weight.  I was thinking of a 20-25 weight drop during this second 12 week session which should put me below 240.  

It was hot in Nashville.  In most previous runs I might grab a cup of water and it could take me the next 1/2 mile to drink it all.  At Nashville it got to the point where I was grabbing two cups of Gatorade at a time, slamming them both then grabbing two more.  I think there were stops when I drank 5 or 6 cups total and did that several times.  

When I first started that contest, I used to help track everything I ate.  I need to do that again.  I’m mainly cutting a lot of lawns right now to get money to pay my bills and I know a week before this last run I had one day that I cut so much grass that my daily walking total was over 15 miles.  That may have included a training run but my runs are no more than 2-3 miles right now, even with a 20 minute warmup.  I’ll need to regain control of the eating situation and post those weekly weigh-ins to help hold myself accountable.  

Oh, John Bingham was another person who spoke at the stage at the Nashville Expo, he goes by the nickname The Penguin and I had read some of his stuff before.

Also, the Patriots coach, Bill Belichick ran in the Nashville CMM half marathon and came in with a time of 2:36:46

It’s a cool run and I really, really liked the area so much so that I looked up what kind of Part IV national board scores I would need to practice chiropractic down there.  A few states have higher than passing scores they require in order to get a license but, Tennessee is just a regular state which is fine by me 🙂

Once I pass Part III boards I can get a license in Illinois but, I think I’ll be following in my brother’s footsteps and probably have to retake that exam in September.  March scores don’t come out until May so, we’ll see.  I really need to get a training program together for studying.  I was thinking I should be studying at least as much as I’m running, maybe twice as much.  I’ll definitely need to put more effort into it than last time and it’s not like the effort was slight.  I went to 10 days worth of board reviews and most days those reviews were 10 hours long but, it’s one thing to be exposed to the material and another thing to have it all memorized.  I did learn a lot and have a much better idea of what it will take to pass Part III.  

Other than that, I’d like to do more with my karate as well.  I’m closing in on that black belt rank and need to practice katas and a few other things more often than just in class.  

/G\ – Work with the Masons is going well and I received an Intender’s book last week which is supposed to help me mentor new masons to help them eventually become 1st, 2nd and finally 3rd degree Master Mason’s – like I did last month 🙂




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