Nashville, TN! #RunCMM – Amazing Place, Amazing Race

I’m not sure where to start – I could have used an extra day before the race and definitely an extra day after the race to party it up some here in Nashville, TN.  This place is pretty awesome and extremely clean from what I’ve seen and that includes everything I saw when getting lost while trying to leave the city to get to my hotel out in Goodlettsville (about 9 min from the city ….34 minutes taking my route…)  😉

Marathon Mental Fitness – 30 min talk by Kevin Leathers
Kevin gave his talk on Marathon Mental Fitness at 3 p.m. at the CMM expo – 
I did my best to jot notes on my phone so…. here’s an excerpt of the text messages I sent myself 😉

  1. You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable.  This may be a tenet for life and living.  It reminded me of a book called The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck, MD.  Product Details
    I have a few copies of that book and, in the past, I know I’ve read the first few pages literally dozens and dozens of times.  I believe the first words in that book are “Life is Difficult”  There’s also an asterisk right after that which refers to Budda and suffering… but, the gist is that once we can accept that life is difficult then we can transcend that fact.  Anyway, the first thing Kevin said was to get comfortable being uncomfortable.
  2. “Your brain gives out miles and miles before your legs do.”
  3. “What story do you want to write?”  Here Kevin was talking about the story you would tell after finishing your marathon.  He said the average person would have between 3 and 1,000 self conversations about the run once they are finished and he challenged people to think ahead of time about what kind of story they wanted to write.  Do you want to write a story that says you walked at each water station or that you kept running right through them?
    This made me think of that poem by Walt Whitman, O Me!  O Life! which was also used in the movie, The Dead Poet’s Society – “that the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse”  What will your verse be?
  4. “The wall is a myth.  It’s always self inflicted”  Apparently with today’s modern training and nutritional methods nobody ever needs to “hit the wall” again as long as they are properly trained.  I’m not sure if I exactly understand everything here but – Kevin does have a website where we may be able to learn more –
  5. Running causes us to be physically fortified and then he said something about being mentally fortified
  6. Generally speaking, our harshest critiques are ourselves but when it gets time to race then we need to be our biggest cheerleader – maybe that is what he said about being mentally fortified 🙂
  7. WIN against those voices in your head.  
    I kind of alluded to those voices in a previous post and was almost apprehensive even talking about them but, Kevin seems to understand.  All those voices that put us down, the doubt, contributors to low self worth – those kinds of voices – shut them up!  Complete your race & win!  🙂

73 year old Don Write – Multiple Myeloma – Running his 81st Marathon Tomorrow!
Don Write is pictured above, he ran his first marathon in 2002 after his 60th birthday!  Tomorrow at the Country Music Marathon Don will be running in his 81st marathon at the age of 73!  Two weeks after he ran his first marathon Don was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (MM) – ….this is where my brain goes off in tangents since MM is one of the things we cover a lot for our board exams.  If anyone is reading this….idk, …there’s still docs out there that rely on the presence of Bence Jones proteins to dx MM but I have read (and learned in school) that Bence Jones has about a 40% accuracy while electroimmunophoresis is accurate about 92% of the time.  Look for an M spike in the IgG …if i recall correctly.  MM – like MnM’s (the candy) – all the same size, as are the punched out lesions in the skull visible on x-ray.
I think Don mentioned on the news tonight that the mean survival rate is about 5 years with MM, I really don’t remember but, he’s more than doubled that estimate.  
ALS – amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s dz) has about a 5 year survival rate – it’s both an upper and lower motor neuron disease (dz).  I had an uncle pass away from ALS a couple years ago.  I remember hearing they had one drug that can help give a person an extra three months…

This place is pretty incredible.  It’s a very clean city.  I had thoughts of heading over to Memphis tomorrow night but keep hearing bad reviews about the place.  My main intention was to get over to Wynne, Arkansas to see where I’ll be running the upcoming marathon on November 1st.  However….just because Nashville and Memphis are in the same state and Wynne is just west of Nashville, it’s still a 4+ hour drive to get to either location.  …I wouldn’t mind staying in Nashville an extra night but, with fiduciary responsibilities being what they are I might have to jet back home tomorrow after the run.  

Yikes!  It’s after 10:30 and I need to be getting up at least by 4 so I can head back to the city and find some parking.  Not sure if I mentioned this before but there are over 30,000 people signed up for this run tomorrow.  I’ve done some other Rock n Roll type half marathons in the past but never quite as big as this one.  I’ll be starting out in the 35th corral (out of 40) and, even that was with a pretty optimistic time of 3 hours.  



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