Mind Games – The Time it Takes

The Time it Takes 
After a warm up today, there is only 25 minutes worth of training.  I don’t think things could get much simpler or take less time.  However, the amount of time today’s run has been ruminating around in my head would be measured in hours …basically since I woke up this morning so, maybe 4 hours now.  I think it would be good to start developing a habit of running first thing in the morning then I could now have 4 hours worth of accomplishment type thoughts regarding todays running instead of uninformed thoughts about how today’s run might go.  

Forcing Improvements 
I don’t think walking leisurely around the park at an 18 minute per mile pace is going to give me the kinds of results I’m after.  These were thoughts I had the other day and part of the reason I pushed myself a bit to hit a 2 minute then a 5 minute non-stop run.  If I were a 3 horsepower engine and never demanded more of myself than that then that is all I will ever be.  If I start to demand 5 horsepower type of performance then, with adequate rest & nutrition my body will become that 5 horsepower engine.  
I’m not sure I’ve ever follwed a training program like I’m doing now.  I don’t remember the specifics of how I trained 20 years ago.  A lot of times I would heap tons of volume into my training programs, fitting in walks whenever I could and maybe getting in up to 6-10 miles a day.  I guess what I’m doing now is of higher quality, especially if I push myself to run for longer and longer periods of time and I’m thinking it’s going to be OK to push myself in this manner because my runs are limited, i.e., 25 minutes per run this week and only 4 runs total and never more than two days in a row of running.  

I suppose I have successfully procrastinated enough this morning that I’ll now need to get to work and will have to hit the park and training at the end of my day.  I’ll need to work on this.



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