Faith & Trust

Below (at the end of the blog) is the training program I am using from    I added the dates out to the left so the end of the program would correspond to the marathon down in Wynne, Arkansas on November 1st.  According to the Nike Plus application on my phone, I’ve been active with running/walking for four weeks now and I still have about three weeks before the 26 Week Marathon Training Schedule Below is slated to begin.  So, in addition to the 6 months of training listed below, I’ll have close to two additional months of foundational training.  

I see three distinct phases in the training program with weeks 1-6 resembling one of those Couch to 5k (c25k) type of programs, then a pure running phase from weeks 7-10, then more specific marathon type training in weeks 11-26 which include the necessary long runs once a week on Saturdays.  

Any true couch potato I’ve known, including myself, has usually had a great deal of difficulty adhering to any of the traditional c25k programs available so I’ve modified those run walk sessions to consist of 5 minute intervals of running and walking.  Last week I did week 2 from the program which called for 20 minutes of Run/Walk so I did four five minute intervals.  The first interval I did on the first day consisted of 15 seconds of jogging followed by the balance of the 5 minutes or 4 minutes and 45 seconds of jogging.  If there is anyone else reading that is new to running or a beginning again type of person like myself then I’d like to share that the hardest part wasn’t jogging for 15 seconds but was more in the transitional phase of moving from walking to breaking into any type of run.  There was almost a type of fear present and wondering if I was going to rupture any ligaments or tendons by breaking into a jog because it had been so long since I had moved my body like that.  I took things as gently as I could and was happy that both anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments (ACL & PCL) held together along with everything else in my knee areas.  I felt kind of like a cripple during the first interval of running but noticed each subsequent interval of running felt smoother and stronger.  I ended up with 45 seconds of straight jogging by the last 5 minute interval.  

I think the main problem with most of the c25k programs is that they aren’t actually written by any true couch potatoes and I doubt any of them started 2014 out with a weight of 316.2 pounds like I did.  As a result these programs can have you running a minute right off the bat with maybe only two minutes of recovery time.  I like my 5 minute intervals much better because you can start out jogging with whatever you are capable.  If a person can only job 10 seconds that’s fine, just walk the remaining 4 minutes and 50 seconds then repeat the 5 minute interval.  This allows plenty of time to recover from whatever you’re able to jog.  

I did get quite a bit of bonus exercise in last week particularly on Wed, Thur and Friday.  Since I’ll be spending most of this year waiting patiently to get my chiropractic license I’ve been taking any odd jobs I can find in order to pay my bills and one job that recently started was cutting lawns.  I have a fitbit wrist band I wear which tracks how much I walk each day and I don’t have to have my smartphone with me in order for it to keep track of my miles.  I found in the last three days of last week I racked up about 36 miles of walking so I figured close to 30 of those miles was from cutting grass.  I was pretty exhausted over the weekend and spent plenty of time sleeping but it seemed to really pay off this week when I started week 3 of the program which consist of five, 5 minute run/walk sessions.  After my initial brisk walk warmup on Monday I broke into a run and that lasted 2 minutes and 13 seconds!  I know it’s a humble type of time but it was over 100% more than I had done anytime the week before.  The truly amazing part was during my last 5 minute run/walk interval I jogged for 5 minutes and 5 seconds – once again doubling my previous best.  I was kind of ecstatic over that last interval because I had been wondering over the past few weeks exactly how I was going to end up being able to run 20 minutes straight by week 7 (or June 16th) of the program.  

Faith & Trust – faith in the program – faith & trusting it will work – faith and trust in myself that I will follow through and stick with the program to even allow it to work in the first place.  This is kind of the area were I went off on a bunch of tangents in previous attempts at this blog.  A lot of times, especially when I was younger and maybe ended up being disappointed with someone I was in a relationship with I would often end up reflecting internally at myself.  Back then, I was able to say that even though someone else disappointed me I would usually conclude that nobody in my life has done more to disappoint me than myself.  Just in terms of maybe letting myself down or not living up to my potential.  Wasting opportunities and so forth.  That usually helped limit the amount of time I would spend imbued on focusing on how someone else may have let me down and, instead could shift the focus to myself and how I could maybe do better with my own life.  

I distinctly remember any occassional thoughts I used to have regarding any kind of low self worth were pretty much crushed into oblivion after my first semester in the DC (chiropractic) program.  I was working too hard to have anything to feel bad about and so long everyday there simply wasn’t the time to indulge in that kind of negative thinking.  This reminded me of a book I had read back in the ’80s called “You Can’t Afford The Luxury of a Negative Thought”

Anyway, that post collegiate 6 year stint to become a doctor is over now so, like I said, while I’m patiently awaiting a license to practice I think training for this marathon will be a very good endeavor …physically, spiritually and mentally.

Faith & Trust.  Faith and Trust in the training program but, especially, Faith & Trust in myself and, if need be, I’ll continue to develop and grow those aspects right along side with my endurance.



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